February 14th also known as Valentine’s day, is a time when couples everywhere profess their love for each other through various gifts and gestures but who ever said that it had to be just for romantic relationships? If you haven’t been shot by cupid’s arrow yet, celebrate being single with your bestie instead of sulking in solo. After all, who better to spend time with than the person who lent you their shoulder to cry on after an awful heartbreak, loves and accepts you despite your flaws, and never complains about having to listen to all of your dating woes? In reality, your best friend is your soul mate so you might as well send her a be mine, instead of stressing over not having a Valentine.

If you’re thinking that this sounds a bit unorthodox, well it is but most things in life are these days so here’s a few ideas on how to make the best out of the day even though you both are single:

You are not aloneBestie Brunch: Find a restaurant in your local area and enjoy a good meal with even greater company. End it with a toast to friendship and mimosas.

Speed Dating: Nothing says, fun and unconventional like speed dating! It’s like going on a blind double date with your BFF and afterwards you can swap stories about the guys you’ve met.

Retail Therapy: Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself and while you’re at it, treat your bestie too! What woman doesn’t enjoy a good trip to the mall? Since you’re single you won’t have to worry about dragging a boyfriend or husband along and your best friend can serve as your clothing consultant. She might even be able to suggest a new look for you. Don’t want to deal with long lines and traffic? Tell her to come over and bring the plastic. Online shopping is more convenient and neither of you have to worry about carrying those heavy bags. Purchasing your girlfriend a gift is an excellent way to show your gratitude.

Pamper Party: Women are practically running the world and every once in awhile we need time for relaxation. Book a spa day and indulge in facials and full body massages to feel rejuvenated.

Dinner and Dancing: No, date? No, problem? Make reservations for two, go dutch on the bill, and dancing afterwards to show off being single and sexy in the city. It’s a sure way to be everyone’s best friend goals.
Ladies Night: Get in your pajamas and head over to your bosom buddies house for a night full of laughs and movie binge watching as you indulge in snacks together.

Special Delivery: Send each other flowers or edible arrangements.

Booked and Boarding: Ditch all of the Valentine do’s and don’ts by planning a trip.

Until you can find a significant other worth spending the special day with, share it alongside your best friend as a reminder to lift and embrace each other’s crowns; exemplifying the love you both deserve.