Our handy dandy apps have seen us through some emotional times in 2016. Whether it was a hilarious post on Instagram, a call to action on Twitter or an Uber ride that transported you home safely after a night out with friends, apps help us navigate life and interact with others. In many cases, they have become our tether to the world. A new year means time to get rid of the apps that we have outgrown or never grew into and replace them with the best and brightest of the New Year. Here are 7 Top Apps you should know about for 2017:

1. Giphy

You can write the funniest tweet, but a tweet doesn’t become retweet gold until you add that special GIF as the perfect garnish to your clever tweet. Giphy is an online library of graphic interchange formats or GIFs for just about every occasion you can imagine–and a few you can’t. Some of the most engaging posts are GIFs which in just a split second convey all of the emotion behind your text. If the cache of GIFs already loaded don’t tickle your fancy, create your own gifs to load and share with others. Giphy is available free for iPhone and Android.

 2. Boomerang


Speaking of GIFs, the creators of Instagram have come up with Boomerang.  The new app can best be described as a cross between a GIF and short, stop motion video. Boomerang allows your Instagram to stand out from run-of-the-mill posts on “the gram” by taking bursts of photos in rapid succession. Boomerang is free and available on both iPhone and android.

3. Meme Generator Free

memeNothing keeps group chat or any online conversation going like a good meme. This is where apps such as Meme Generator Free come into play. While you can shop around the app’s seemingly endless meme library full of Joanne the scammers, Kermit the frogs and Arthur memes, you can also upload your own image to create inside jokes with your friends or maybe even give birth to your own online sensation. Meme Generator Free is available for iPhone and Android users.

4. Snapchat

snapchatSnapchat has been around since 2011, but it still earns a place on this list because they continue to dominate in social media. According to Forbes, this app is now worth roughly $14 billion and that says they are more than just a couple of puppy filters and rainbow vomit generators.  With interactive news from the likes of CNN, ESPN, Cosmo, and Buzzfeed along with sponsored filters that get businesses fighting to become a part of the Snapchat game, it is safe to say Snapchat will only continue to flourish in 2017.

5. Juno/Get/Via

lyftAfter President Trump’s infamous ban of refugees in January, the executive order rippled through day-to-day life in ways that no one could see coming.  Caught somewhere in the middle of the mess were commuters and travelers. Taxi drivers joined protests of the ban by refusing to pick up riders at JFK International Airport in New York City. Uber ended up as the headline in national newspapers like the Washington Post when it drove to the wrong side of the social revolt with price surges to make a bigger profit during the protest which spawned the campaign #DeleteUber. This led thousands of riders to delete their Uber app and look elsewhere for on-demand rides. Riders went in search of new modes of transport and found Lyft not their only option. Apps like Juno, Gett and Via were introduced to potential new customers.  All three essentially offer the same service as Uber transporting riders from point A to point B all from the use of an app. While the future is not set for Uber, it is worthwhile to give these apps a try and maybe keep them as a backup. Lyft, Juno, Gett and Via are free for Android and iPhone download.

6. Mint

Mint mobile app

The Mint mobile app helps makes budgeting easy

Unfortunately, we still have to do grown up stuff like “budget” and “save” and “not spend your rent money on those shoes you really love”. This is where budgeting apps like Mint come into play.  Mint takes the hassle out of keeping track of how much you spent on Starbucks each week and even helps with saving. I personally use Mint to make sure I am on track with saving for special goals like that dream vacation. Mint is secured with two-factor authentication and provides alerts for bill reminders, late fees, and overspending as well as offers a report on your credit, budgeting, and spending. Mint is available for iPhone and Android for free.  

7. My fitness Pal

myfitnesspal apps

The Myfitnesspal app helps you keep track of your fitness goals

If you made a new year’s resolution to get bikini body ready, you might want to consider downloading this convenient app. By logging your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks you can keep track of your caloric, sodium and sugar intake and help reach your fitness goals. It’s amazing how many calories and grams of sugar one seemingly harmless bottle of juice can contain. The app also keeps track of the steps you take to allocate more calories. The best part is the inspirational messages that congratulate you on life’s little goals like logging in for 3 weeks straight, recipe ideas and community forums to encourage others on their fitness journeys. Myfitnesspal is available free for iPhone and Android users.

So there you have it,  just a few apps to help you start the year off right and keep you, happy, healthy and popping on social media all year long. What is your go-to app for 2017?