Do you need some hands-on activities for your toddler? After brainstorming, I have come up with a few fun toddler activities for our little guy. The best part is that all these items came from the Dollar Store. Yup! cheap lol I am sure your toddler has tons of toys all over the house to play with, but it was important for me to have things for him to do that I could help him with. Also, the basics of these exercises takes out all the technology our children are programmed to play with. Getting unplugged is good sometimes. Here is the awesome video 

So here are a few games you can create:

Photo Credit: Natural HIGH Blog

Photo Credit: Natural HIGH Blog

Play-Doh Trace:

This exercise is great because you can do all kinds of shapes, letters and numbers. Have you little one trace the outline of the object with play-doh 🙂 This will help them get familiar with seeing numbers, letter and shapes. Take a food mat and on the back side of it draw out your numbers, shapes or letters with a pencil. Then go back over it with a permanent marker. All done 🙂

Supplies needed:

-1 Food mat

-1 permanent marker

-1 pencil

-1-2 containers of play-doh

Total Cost: $4


Toddler Activities

Photo Credit: Natural HIGH Blog

Color Sort:

This exercise allows your little one to physically touch colors and sort them out in little containers. Now, we know that all Dollar store’s  don’t have the same items, but this is where you can get even more creative and find whatever works with what you have. Our local store had these great little cups, 4 to a pack. If you can’t find cups like this just get a stack of those white paper cups in the party section, mark them with a crayon or marker based on the color to sort for that cup. You can take it a step further and line the outside of the cup with construction paper. I was able to find these foam cubes, 50 in one pack. Can’t find cubes like this? No problem. Use construction paper. Cut them up into squares.  This is one of my favorite toddler activities.

Supplies needed:

-3-4 colored containers or white paper cups (these come 6 to a pack I believe)

-Foam cubes or construction paper

Total Cost: $2

Toddler Activities

Photo Credit: Natural HIGH Blog

Sponge Stack:

Our son loves to stacks blocks, his food lol anything he can get his hands on. Sponge Stack is great because you can really cut them however you like and turn them into objects to stack up. I just cut them horizontally, but of course the possibilities are endless here. You can create square or circle shapes.

-4 packs of sponges (mine came two to a pack)

-scissors (Please make sure scissors are put away before play.  Safety First)

Total Cost: $4-5

We hope you enjoy these toddler activities.  I am sure they will love playing these games. It was so much fun seeing him play with activities I have created for him. There will be a part II to this post, where I will show you how to upgrade these games, making them a bit more challenging after they have mastered these exercises. Got questions?

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