As a single wife, self-love is necessary and it’s time to start a new tradition of making self-love and self-care numero uno. And what better way to change the trajectory of how you view Valentine’s Day by having a Self-love Week, which is all about redefining how you love yourself. Since cuffing season was a bust, I’m sure you’re wondering how to navigate this new idea at the 11th hour. But no worries, we got you covered!

Below is a 6-day mini guide with quick solutions on how to make this couple-centered day, a self-centered week. I like to think of it as a “single wife’s roadmap” to navigating Valentine’s Day.


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Day 1 (February 9th): Positive vibes

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of affirmations and maybe you do too; however, somewhere you lost sight of that. It’s OK. Now’s the perfect time to get back on it. Head over to your local craft store to grab materials for love notes. Pinterest has cute ideas for putting them together. Read one each day before you head to work to set the tone with splashes of self-love.


Day 2 (February 10th): Full-service Spa Day

Guess what you’re going to do? Use one of those personal days you always roll over or never use to schedule your spa day! Self-care is important. Get that 60min Swedish, add on the facial, the spa mani/pedi, go sit your ass in the damn sauna, and relax. Use whatever complimentary amenities that come with your package to replenish and unplug. I promise everything will be there when you slide back into the Matrix.

Day 3 (February 11th): The Gift of giving

What beautiful, fairy, goddess doesn’t like gifts? Head to the mall and snatch up whatever you saw the day you were window shopping. Get a gift box with some cute wrapping paper and put it away. Who cares if you know what it is! When’s the last time you bought something for yourself that wasn’t a necessity? All that #blackgirlmagic you shell out every day, don’t you think you deserve a love offering?

Buy the gift.


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Day 4 (February 12th): Sweet treats

I LOVE chocolate covered fruits and Edible Arrangements has the perfect “me-sized” fruit bouquets. Order one and have them create a card to add to the arrangement. While you’re at it, swing by your local LIQ and grab a bottle of Moscato (Cupcake is my fave brand) and a bottle of Red Decadence Chocolate Red Wine, you’re going to need it for day five.

Day 5 (February 13th): Dinner + a Movie

Call ahead to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite entree. Take out your fine China, create a nice table setting, pair it with a yummy cocktail (Pinterest is your friend) and treat yourself to a lovely candlelit dinner. After you’ve indulged, grab that Edible Arrangement, order the movie you’ve wanted to see from your streaming service, pour some of that Moscato and relax. Not into movies? I suggest an erotic novel, paired with the Red Decadence wine, and a splash of self-pleasure 🙂

Day 6 (February 14th): Meet + Greet

I’m sure you know you’re not the only single person celebrating Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of local events specifically for singles to meet and greet one another. Eventbrite and I Don’t Do Clubs are great sites to find local events for singles in your area. Pick one and go! You’ve already primped and pampered yourself, go ahead and show out for once. Strike up a conversation, gather a few numbers and work the room.

This week is about you so spare no expense. Reinvest in yourself. Being single this time of year isn’t the end of the world, so don’t wallow in self-pity. No one can love you better than you.

Happy Self-love Week!