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Blogging is a lot of work so you should Make Money Blogging… I get asked ALL the time how do I make money from my blog, so here’s how. There are MANY ways to make money blogging; affiliate programs, Ad Networks, Influencer Marketing Networks, collaborations, direct sponsors and more. Here’s a quick break down and direct links to start earning those blogging coins.



Shopstyle Collective by Popsugar –  Everytime a reader clicks on one of these links, you $.05 per click.  Here’s how it works:  add your Shopsense links to a blog post.  When a reader clicks on a link, instead of them going directly to the retailer’s website, the link goes through Shopsense telling Shopsense that you are referring that link to the retailer’s website.  You get a $.05 commission for that link.  Shopstyle has links for hundreds of retailers.  They not only have links for fashion items, but also home decor and kitchen products as well!


RewardStyle – This program is similar to Shopstyle.  You use a personalized link through RewardStyle that tracks if anyone from your blog purchases the item.  If so, you can make a small 4-10% commission.  They carry many popular brands including Nordstrom, Kate Spade, Gap etc.


Amazon Associates –  You can earn a commission on anything Amazon sells.  If you have ever bought anything from Amazon, you know the wide variety of products they sell.  Just think of the possibilities of how much money you could make from commissions, especially for higher-priced items!

ShareASale – They have hundreds of participating companies, both retailers, and small businesses.  Once you are a member, just apply to become an affiliate of any company, grab one of their banners or create your own product links for your website.

Commission Junction – This is similar to ShareASale.

Acceleration Partners – This is also similar to ShareASale.


Google Adsense –   You can actually sign up with Adsense when you start your blog.  You place ads on your blog and you get paid when your account reaches $100.  You can’t choose what ads will display, this is determined by Google. – is the ad network powered by Yahoo! and Bing. Their ads look like little-colored keyword blocks. pays monthly with Paypal, but like Adsense, you have to meet the $100 minimum in a month’s time to get a payment.

AdThrive – Was discovered through ad network through reading a couple of posts on blogger income reports.



Social Fabric/Collective Bias – This network has a wide range of clients and lots of participating bloggers.  They will send you emails every time there are new campaigns.  They always have several campaigns on the dashboard to apply to, but that doesn’t always mean you’ll be accepted to a campaign.  You “pitch” your idea to a campaign and if they accept you create a blog post and/or share on your social media channels.  The payout is anywhere from $100 to $300 per campaign.


Clever Girls Collective –  They also send emails letting you know of new campaigns.  They have a dashboard where you can view all the new campaigns and campaigns you are participating in.  The payment per post varies from $100 – $300+ depending on what is involved in the project.  They are also an excellent network to work with.


Influence Central –  They also send emails letting you know of new campaigns.


Pollinate Media –  You need to have at least 20,000 monthly views to join.  When you apply for campaigns, it’s difficult to be accepted all the time.


Collectively – They will email you when new campaigns.  But Great campaigns great products!

Acorn Influence –


Mode Media


You may not earn money from participating in company/blogger collaborations, but you can get free products!  But you get to build your resume as a reliable blogger.  Be sure to setup a contact page on your blog, which includes your email address or a contact form.  Companies will contact you and offer you a free product(s) to promote on your blog in the form of a blog post.   Always go above and beyond promoting and sharing on all of your social media channels and share the post on blogger linkups.

You can also contact companies to see if they would like to collaborate.  Just send an email and offer a collaboration proposal.  You never know, they just may want to participate!


Hope you enjoy the post…

I’m Cindy best known as PRIIINCESSS, I am a personal Life&Style Blogger based out of Atlanta, Ga.

For more blogging tips stay connected with me on the blog IAM.PRIIINCESSS.COM as well as on Instagram @iampriiincesss

As I like to say; Be a #BADASS…. Live Well, Work Hard and See the world in Style.

**Live YOUR Best Life**




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