I don’t know about you, but being a parent has been one of my greatest accomplishments. However, it’s been one of my greatest challenges. Whether you’re a parent, expecting or simply considering it’s important to know that parenting has no instruction book. Over time, I’ve learned it’s a journey, blessing, and one of the best well kept treasures in my heart.

Here’s a few practical tips and considerations you should know.

  1. Parenting is life changing! Your entire life perspective will change. Its a love you’ve never felt before and it will change your core and that’s okay. Often; we become more direct, stern, protective, and even softer. Yes, softer! That go get it attitude will still be there, but your compassion trait will be exemplified. Learn that you’re adapting the way you should. You’re being prepared for the various stages and changes you’ll go through with parenting.
  2. It’s all trial and error. Every child is different – even if the parents are the same. The way their mindsets and personalities differ are simply amazing and something you’ll have to work hard at cultivating. There is no wrong way to raise a child (outside of extremes) trust your gut and your birth connection. Ultimately, you know your child. What works for everyone else, may not work for you.
  3. They cost! Children are incredibly expensive and it’s something you should consider. From birth to college, on average a child can cost up to 300,000! Be sure you’re financially ready to take that responsibility on. You never know the cards life will deal you so be ready.
  4. Are you really ready? Ask yourself this. Having a child is more than reproducing a little cute version of self. You have to get over yourself in many ways. You’re no longer first in any respect. Of course, you can’t neglect you because self-care is extremely important (especially for your mental health), but overall, many of your decisions will be made with your child in mind first. You must share, sacrifice, commit and show up all the time. Even with a partner/spouse – the demand on mommy is greater due to the birth connection. Everything concerning your travel, money, dating, home, neighborhoods etc. will always boil down to – how does this impact the kid(s). Be sure you’re really ready for parenting mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  5. Lastly, make sure you have a strong support system. There’s nothing like having someone around who’s been there before. It also helps to ensure that all parties have great communication because you’ll need it!


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Kyla D. Pruitt is the CEO and founder of KylaNicole, LLC (born and raised in Joliet, Illinois). Kyla developed a passion for empowerment at an early age, dedicating her time and works to inspire, coach and invest in the minds and hearts of both men and women though the KylaNicole Brand and specializes in overcoming Trauma and building business’s from a legal aspect. In stimulating development, self-awareness, and true authenticity, Kyla has accomplished her goals by engaging in and hosting a series of events including “Loud Discussions” panels which feature open discussions of a variety of life themes, helpful tools and concepts from her self-help book titled “15 Ways To Improve Your Reality. Kyla has attained her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Florida Metropolitan University, her Masters of Science in Corporate Organizational Communication from Northeastern University as well as her life coach certification. In addition, Kyla has completed all doctoral classes at Walden University for her Ph.D. in Law and Public Policy.  For more information and insight on the services, KylaNicole offers, please check out her website www.KylaNicole.Org.