Hate it or Love it: Valentine's Day Edition

It’s that time of year when people are going crazy about overpriced flowers, candy, and gifts. It’s also that time of year that [some] women are overly excited about the romance and attention that they are receiving that they may or may not have received since February 15th of last year.

As a Relationship Coach and a newfound romantic, I have a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. On one hand, I am not a fan of the concept of Valentine’s Day…or what society has made it out to be. BUT on the other hand, I can appreciate certain aspects that the day brings. I’m sure there are several other women out there like me that would agree with my sentiments. See how many of these you agree with.

Things I don’t like:

  1. The clichés. Ugh! The clichés are so tired. Let’s give them a rest already! The candy and flowers, the teddy bears and other stuffed animals, and ESPECIALLY the proposals. No offense to those of you who got engaged on Valentine’s Day but I have always found it interesting when men decide to use this over-sensationalized time of year to change a woman’s life. Not only is it not unique, it can also be overshadowed by the many others who are “celebrating” on this day.
  2. The Pretense. Similar to the clichés of Valentine’s Day is the whole pretense of it all. Can we be real for a second? If your man is not romantic on April 22nd, July 14th, or September 9th, then his being romantic on February 14th is likely out of obligation and not desire. Everyday is a good day for romance, spontaneity, and love. No one should be waiting until Valentine’s Day to express that!
  3. The Feeling Left Out. To be honest, I have never been that girl who’s felt lonely or left out on a day like Valentine’s Day but I know so many who do. It’s so unfortunate that women get depressed or feel alone because of how society blows this day out of proportion. Old or young, Valentine’s Day has a way of creating this “us vs. them” competition between those who are in relationships and those who aren’t.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Things I enjoy:

  1. The Fellowship. Kudos to the women who are not bound by their relationship status and still make an effort to make the best of Valentine’s Day. Some women make a whole event out of Valentine’s Day. Girlfriends’ Spa Day or Netflix and Chill Nights. Yes! There is no reason to wallow in pity. Enjoy time with your single girlfriends!
  2. The Real Romance. For all of the singles and couples who are actually romantic during the year, good for you! Valentine’s Day brings out all the two-a-year kinds of people (birthday + holiday of choice) but there are actual romantics who make an effort to make things special all year round. And hey, women can be romantic too! Yes, you can do a little somethin’ somethin’ to spice it up, ladies. The men don’t have to do all the work!
  3. The BABIES!!! In honor of Queen Bey announcing her pregnancy (TWINS!), Don’t be surprised if a girlfriend or two welcome new additions in November and December. Those babies will be known as #ValentinesBabies forever.