valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and for us married folk it’s a bit easier to shrug it off as any other day. We try so hard to convince ourselves that when you’re married, “Every day is Valentine’s Day.” Well, I’m calling your bluff; every day is not Valentine’s Day. You have children, work, and a list of other priorities that you inadvertently let take precedence in your life. We get so consumed with life that we let our love life fall by the wayside. This Valentine’s Day we’re going to change that. So grab your notepad and take note as I share with you a few ways to get that old thang back in your marriage.

V Day Candle

Treat Valentine’s Day as if you’re dating: impress your spouse

Take head! It is critical to continue to date your spouse. When you’re dating someone you are always on your P’s and Q’s; hair done, nails done, always looking cute. I know being dressed to the nines every day is a bit much and that’s not what I’m suggesting. But what I am saying is don’t get overly comfortable in those sweats and that ponytail.  On February 14th, get cute for your spouse. Start to dress to impress more often than not. While you’re at it, add some lingerie to your wardrobe for your V-Day nightcap.

Be Spontaneous

Throw away your entire routine and just go with the flow. I know, it’s easier said than done but DO IT. Take your spouse out and partake in things you’ve never done before. Explore a new part of town, try a new cuisine, participate in an activity that’s new to both of you. Since Valentine’s Day is nearing, check your local area and find a couples’ massage class. Want to save a buck or two? Check out Groupon or another Discount app. And if you want to take it up a notch, try your local pole studio and see if they’re offering any couples workshops. Whatever it is, get out there and be spontaneous!


A great way to spice things up this Valentine’s Day is to plan a stay-cation. Home is home and while it’s your place of peace, it’s still home and sometimes you just need a break. So for this day of love and excitement, book a hotel room for you and Bae. A hotel will add a new element to the evening; a bit more excitement. What sounds better than an evening with the one you love, room service, and a bottle of nice wine?! Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Feeling EXTRA frisky?  Add some role play to the mix and meet at the hotel as “strangers”. Thank me later.

No Kids

While kids are amazing and we love our babies dearly; it is important for Mommy and Daddy to be significant others. In marriage, we have to remember who was there before the children and cater to that person from time to time. When you hear people say, “put your spouse before your children,” this is what that means. Be careful to not lose your identity as a woman and wife by being too consumed in being a mommy. Daddy needs love too!