Have you ever wanted to do it all but felt like there wasn’t enough time or felt like you were sacrificing too much. You wanted to make time for that date but work got in the way or your job prevented you from making little Bobby’s soccer game.

Well here’s 2 ways to find balance in your life like a boss:

Boss Woman

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Time Management:

The first thing in finding balance is mastering time management. Time management has been something that I struggled with but found a system that worked well for me. I worked two jobs, school, a full-time mom as well as doing makeup as my side hustle. How I managed this you asked, simple by using a time system.

I wrote down everything I needed to do that day and put time intervals by them. For example, I gave myself 30 minutes to wash dishes, maybe an hour to study, and set aside time to read and bond with my now 6-year-old son. At the time he wasn’t in school so we worked on education a lot. Since he’s in school time management has been a lot easier to handle.

Set time out for yourself

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With everything you’re doing, you have to set time out for yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself you can’t expect to flourish. As women we are nurturers and we tend to have the ability to take care of everyone first and forget about ourselves.  Once a week or twice every month treat yourself to a day of pampering. Pampering can be anything from mani-pedis, getting your hair done, or getting a massage. Always make time for yourself.

To-Do List


The infamous to do lists. I use to be one that thought she could remember but always forgot what I had to do. So I started writing to do list within my planner. You don’t have to buy a fancy planner you can easily access to do lists on your phone.

It’s really nothing difficult in finding balance in your life the key is time management. Once you master the art of time management you can find balance with everything else.