Tiphani Montgomery is a teen mom success from upstate New York that moved to Raleigh, NC with the goal attend college. To boldly make moves regardless of what anyone thought. Even if she “failed.” She did and kept going. She knew she was a genius as a child when doctors told her otherwise recommending that she needed “special pills (Ritalin).” Tiphani knew she was special before the world realized it. This 7 Time Essence Best Seller successfully helped other writers publish their books, as well as created a nonprofit to encourage financial literacy to teen moms also did another bold move. Literally to CHICAGO. Then sell out her first conference of 500 dynamic entrepreneurs at Millions Conference held January 27-28th in Chicago, Illinois . No matter where she goes, God is with her. He’s within you too! To influence millions and have millions, grab these keys to unlock your way to successful living as a kingdom entrepreneur boldly in the marketplace.


  • Environments Matter. Sometimes what you’re called to do may be something as simple as paying attention to what the people need. “Look around your society that’s a woe for you to answer to.” -Apostle Sherman Dumas.  Don’t solely chase that dollar. Steward your resources.
  • When Your Back is Up Against the Wall…FIGHT. Your character shows in your willingness to fight. “When you’re a fighter, you have to be able to trust the people in your corner with your wounds.” Dr. Matthew Stevenson. Prophetess Catherine Sykes was up against losing a multi-million dollar company. She stated something so powerful. “Your character will be assassinated. Commit to God. Trust him in dark places.”
  • Know Your Tribe. Know that you are not for everybody. There are a unique set of people that is in your target market for your business.
  • Be Willing to Take Risks. Being a pioneer is risky business. Faith it til you on the way, during, and after you make it. It’s not bossy being afraid. What are you waiting on? A Proverbs 31 woman is about that life. “You are more powerful than you think and know you are.” Apostle Yolanda Stith
  • Be the Solution to the Problem. From food stamps to six figures. Yes Jamal Miller did that with a series of webinars from “The bigger the problem you solve, the bigger your payout will be.”
  • Have a Strategy. Everything has a teachable moment. There are going to be moments of being knocked down. Get up. “When you fall, there are things you can’t see when you’re standing. You need failure. Retrieve wisdom from failure.” Dr. Matthew Stevenson  Students also are willing to learn how to be more successful.
  • Say YES to your calling. Her yes not only brought 500 fearless entrepreneurs to Chicago, Illinois, but it was life changing. Her yes planted the seed for so many to be watered. The current events of 2017 are clearly showing us to say YES without hesitation. The world needs you. Say “I Do” to you.

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