When you think of a successful Valentine’s Day, what pops into your head?

Let me take a guess…

I’m seeing dozens of red roses, tons of chocolate, and sexy lingerie. While all of that can make for a “fun” V-day, it isn’t always memorable. After so many years, it starts to feel like an obligation. Also, think about how many other partners you or your significant other may have done the exact same thing for. I’m not judging, at least you’re doing something, but let’s step it up this year. Let’s use this V-day as a precursor to many special and memorable Valentine’s Days to come.

This year we’re going to show our partner how much we love and care for them in a way they understand. We’re going to do this by speaking their Love Language.  If you haven’t read the “5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, I got you, but I still encourage you to read it. Down below, I’m going to tell you what each language is and give you a few ideas to light your spark.


1Words of Affirmation:  “I love you for all of the little things you do that you don’t notice.”

People that need loving words will be thrilled to have a love note jar. Grab a bunch of different colored paper and write loving notes, happy memories or whatever you feel would really touch their heart and give it to them, so each day they can have a loving note from you.

photo credit: Papervinenz

photo credit: Papervinenz

2Acts of Service: “Hey, hon. Don’t worry about cooking dinner tonight and cleaning the kitchen, it’s done.”

People in this category love it when you take the time to do something for them that’s on their list. Take the car to the car wash, mail those packages, or do a task they hate doing or are afraid they won’t have time for. They’ll truly appreciate it. Create a coupon book they can use to redeem acts of service.

3Receiving Gifts: “Remember when you were telling me about that show you loved when you were younger? I saw the DVD set and thought you’d love it.”

Gifts with sentimental value will go a long way with this person. You can’t just give them random stuff as an afterthought because they’ll see through it and they’ll be hurt. Think of some past conversations you’ve had and find a gift that can incite loving memories for them.

4Quality Time: “Let’s spend the day together. We can either stay in and watch your favorite show cuddled up on the couch or we could go try that Escape game you’ve been talking about and have dinner at your favorite place afterward.” 

This love language needs your undivided attention. While they generally won’t care what you two do as long as they have your attention, plan something special that’s a new experience for you both and allows you two have to interact closely.

5Physical Touch: This doesn’t  just mean sex. This could be a massage, a hug, or even holding hands. But if you really want to spice things, play this kissing game. Get a bunch of ice cream toppings like whip cream, chocolate, or whatever you want and dress up in something you feel sexy in, but don’t let him see you. Set everything up before he comes home and leaves a blindfold on the front door for him with a note telling him to put it on and then knock. Guide him inside and park him on the couch. You can put those toppings on any part of him you desire, then lick it off. After you do that, kiss him and have him guess the flavor, if he guesses wrong....well, the “punishment” is up to you.

Rekita Nicole

Photo credit: Rekita Nicole

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the same old thing when you understand how to love your partner and have an active imagination. If you have any memorable V-day ideas don’t hesitate to share them. You never know who or what you’ll inspire.