This training covers some very basic information about branding. From using proper grammar to the Four Cs of Branding, you need to have the basics down. There are simple, yet key, strategies you should implement in order to brand yourself and your business and this training aims at helping you identify and implement those strategies.


Danielle Wright, founder and CEO, launched Wright Relations initially as a freelancer/ independent contractor and officially in February 2014 as Wright Relations, LLC. Danielle’s interest in serving people developed at a very young age; and because of her faith and passions for public relations, community engagement, and sports, Danielle was able to turn those hobbies into a first-class, boutique public relations firm. After spending her career working in higher education, mostly in athletics, she launched my firm Wright Relations, LLC. Wright Relations’ corporate mission is to relentlessly bring our clients strong connections, innovative branding, strategic positioning, and transformative results. We are all about connecting our clients with the right people.
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