This is the month that some folks simply despise if they aren’t in long-term committed relationships. Some feel bothered, are lonely, or simply wonder when will their time come. Mentally, some folks spend time thinking about ex’s, what if’s, how it could be etc. I know back in my single days I spent many years wishing I would have stuck it out to see what it could have been. Then, it dawned on me! Why, am I doing that when I was taught to never settle and I knew my worth. So I learned to date myself.  It was uncomfortable at first, but I learned to love it and myself because of it.

Singles – trust your process. While you’re trusting and waiting to learn to take care of yourself in your wait. We spend much of our time focusing on the future instead of dealing and healing the now. Learn to enhance your inner beauty, cultivate your mind, take advantage of the solo time you have by doing everything you desire solo.

By doing this, you’ll enhance the relationship to come. You’ll be able to explore together and create memories simply by having a conversation. You’ll bring to the table the idea of “done” instead of what I “want” to do. Dating yourself allows you to be secure in your accomplishments rather then showing yourself off to him. He’ll see the value in your dreams, accomplishment, and he’ll want to create with you. Yes, there will be first moments together but, being able to make those memories your own makes a difference.

Try this:

  1. Take yourself out – just you alone.
  2. Write something you love about your personality, traits, attributes etc. for this month.
  3. Buy yourself something you really want. Not, something materialistic. Something that is sentimental.
  4. Marianne Williamson wrote a wonderful book called, “A Return to Love” it shares beautiful insights on how to experience love in your life everyday. Grab it here!
  5. Lastly, remember to trust the inner you. Love your season and know it’s challenging and enhancing you for him! We must know how to love ourselves before we can teach anyone else.

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Kyla D. Pruitt is the CEO and founder of KylaNicole, LLC (born and raised in Joliet, Illinois). Kyla developed a passion for empowerment at an early age, dedicating her time and works to inspire, coach and invest in the minds and hearts of both men and women though the KylaNicole Brand and specializes in overcoming Trauma and building business’s from a legal aspect. In stimulating development, self-awareness, and true authenticity, Kyla has accomplished her goals by engaging in and hosting a series of events including “Loud Discussions” panels which feature open discussions of a variety of life themes, helpful tools and concepts from her self-help book titled “15 Ways To Improve Your Reality. Kyla has attained her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Florida Metropolitan University, her Masters of Science in Corporate Organizational Communication from Northeastern University as well as her life coach certification. In addition, Kyla has completed all doctoral classes at Walden University for her Ph.D. in Law and Public Policy.  For more information and insight on the services, KylaNicole offers, please check out her website www.KylaNicole.Org.