Every year we vow to become better. Ensure you are actually taking the necessary steps to become a better woman before becoming a wife by following these steps:

1.      Get your ish together

Make a list of all the things in your life that aren’t where you hoped they be by now. Then write down your desire feeling in that area of your life and visualize what you wish it would look like. Make a clear plan of action to make it happen. Use this workbook to help you.

2.      Hire a coach or mentor

It goes without saying that “success leaves clues.” So whatever area of your life that desires next level success will require a new strategy. It’s no better way to elevate yourself than to get accountability, wisdom, and guidance from a trusted mentor who can guide you. Koereyelle offers an Inner Mentor Circle for that very reason.

3.      Be the bigger person

You have no time for drama. If anything, you should be about your business daily. When drama tries to make its way into your life, swerve. When you get that tinge of jealousy as you scroll through Instagram, check yourself. When someone else brings negativity your way, walk away. Don’t indulge in things that don’t serve you.

4.      Take care of yourself

Often as women, we run around for everyone else, but ourselves. Take some time to put yourself first. Take care of your mind, body, and soul. Feed yourself nurturing foods. Feed your mind positive audios and read books that teach you something new that you can easily implement into your life.

Like a fine wine, you get better with time. However, you won’t fully become your best self if you don’t consciously take steps daily to walk in your purpose, take care of yourself, and get your life in formation so you can be successful, happy, and fulfilled.