I know all too well, how easy it is to skip the gym. You go to bed with good intentions and you wake up with good intentions. However, the day starts, stress kicks in, and someone cuts you off at the red light. Just like that, you say “I’m not going to the gym, I had a long and rough day.” I have created for you my 4 gym hacks to motivate you to go! Summer 17′ is just five months away, and it’s time to really get up and get going! Because I love you so much, I even threw in a bonus. My top five workout songs to get that metabolism turned up! Trust me, these 4 gym hacks to motivate you to go are creative, fresh and real.

1.Tell your man are going to the gym this week– Hands down the number one way to get up and go to the gym!  If you tell that fine ass man of yours that you are going to the gym, this will motivate you to get up and go at least 3 to 5 times a week. Why you say? Because bae will follow-up like a shop-a-holic waiting on her tax return. He wants to know if you are keeping your word and dedicated to being that amazing 10 (of course in a loving and supportive way, we aren’t looking for no drill ego driven beast mode monsters.) you already are.  Besides, sex is much better when the “spare tire” is left in the trunk of a car and not the bedroom (just a little motivation to get you fired up to go)!

2. Buy workout gear with slimming or shapewear features – Here’s the thing… one of the biggest roadblocks for not going to the gym is the lack of instant gratification. We want results NOW! We want to work on the treadmill or pump a few weights, and after 15 minutes be summer 17’ fine. Whelp, if you walk in already looking slim thick, you will push yourself even further than you thought you could. The mirror is what keeps us out of the gym. The magic of this type of workout clothing allows you to admire your reflection while working out, and you easily slip into beast mode.So, trust me head on over to the closest department store for a nice helping of Ivy Park or Target for Champion C9, and get into it!

3. Take a photo in your swim suit and save it as a screen saver – Boy oh, boy… The dreadful neoprene fabric with bright colors. Swimsuits are more revealing and uncomfortable than panties and a bra, lol. So here’s the thing…there isn’t any other garment of clothing that will show you what needs to be tightened and lifted like a freakin’ swim suit! Not even jeans come close. So get to it! Grab that smartphone take a photo of yourself in last year’s swimsuit and save it as your screen saver. Having to look at that photo every time your respond to texts and phone calls about upcoming plans for the weekend, you will really think twice about driving past the gym during the week.

4. Be creative and try non-traditional fitness classes – POP LOCK and DROP IT! Ok, news flash twerking has gone GLOBAL! Check out what local gym spots in your area offer drop-in classes for twerking. Most drop-in fees are under $20! In most cases, you can even ask about a minimum membership of 90 days.. If you are ever in my hometown city of Atlanta, Dance 411 Studio offers so many creative ways to stay fit! Let’s face it, an 8 count to Bad and Bougie is way more fun than 3 sets of 10 bicep curls.

JUST FOR YOU BONUS – Here are my top 5 picks for a dope playlist to keep you motivated while at the gym:

  • Break em’ off something – Master P
  • No Limit Soldiers – TRU
  • Formation – Beyonce
  • Bad & Bougie – Migos


Rebel on,

Antres Finnie