photo credit: createherstock

photo credit: createherstock

There are 3 rules of dating and they have nothing to do with love, money, or status. As a matter of fact, if those are the 3 rules you’re living by then that’s the reason you‘re reading this blog.

Having a successfully dating life is about you just as much as it is about him. Believe it or not, dating starts with self-reflection and evaluation. With that said, before you start dating anyone you must invoke these 3 rules.

The first rule of dating in 2017 is to Refocus.

You must refocus your time and energy on what’s going on in the present. Most times we harp way too long on the wrongs of the old guy and end up bringing that baggage to the new relationship. Take your time to get passed what happened with the old guy so you can realign your focus on what’s important now: getting mentally prepared for the new beau!

The second rule of dating to Refresh.

When every relationship ends it’s best to renew your mindset for a better outlook on dating. Every relationship is different because every guy is different but it only takes that one guy to change your entire perspective. What’s the old saying when a guy has you wrapped around his finger? I believe it’s “he’s got your nose wide open”.

If the last guy has you bitter and never wanting to date another dude again, then it’s time to refresh. It’s always a good idea to take a break from the dating scene to concentrate on self to recharge before getting back on the scene. This is especially true after an intense long term relationship.

The third and final rule for dating in 2017 is to simply Restart.

After you’ve refocused your time and energy on the present; took the time to refresh your outlook on dating naturally it’s time to restart. Remember each date begins with a new start. A new start that can lead you to your “Adam”.

With that said, change your mindset about starting over on the dating scene because it doesn’t signify failure. Actually, the opposite is true, it means you have another chance to allow your true love to find you.