Working out can be pretty tough. Let’s face it…it’s difficult finding time or keeping your motivation up, especially if you’ve been off you’re A game for quite some time. We amp ourselves up and feel like we’re ready to conquer the world. That is until those cravings start kicking in. Or better yet when we start to experience those aches and pains. Then back to square one. So since we all know how hard it is to curb an appetite why don’t we start with the fun parts of working out. 

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That’s right I said it…the enjoyable way of doing, thinking, and feeling when it comes to your body. One of the most common reasons us girls want to experience when it comes to working out is one simple thing…feeling sexy! But why is it that sexy is automatically categorized with being in shape rather than how we feel about ourselves internally? I mean isn’t that the reason we workout to begin with? For a healthier, sexier lifestyle? 

When I first moved to Atlanta I was very much like the average visitor. Eager to shop and ready to eat. As I enjoyed my life’s experience I slowly began to see a shift in my weight. My clothes started to fit differently, if they even fit at all. I was self conscious and it was then I knew that I had to do something. If I was gonna do something about it (the weight that is) I wanted to make sure it was gonna be good. If I was gonna workout I needed something to look forward to. Something that brought excitement. Something that would keep me going and then it clicked. The pre-game…I needed to prep myself for this new journey and what better way to make it happen than shopping, signing up for new things, and ending it off with a bang. If this sounds like you I have the perfect solution. Follow these three steps made easy to help you sexy up your workout.

1. Buy new workout gear

What woman doesn’t love shopping? This gives you the perfect excuse to splurge without feeling buyers remorse. Just because the ultimate goal of losing weight requires strict  behaviors that doesn’t quite apply to fashion. So go grab those hot pink running shoes, a cute gym bag, several pairs of leggings, and don’t forget phone accessories (we highly suggest a dope playlist). After all, you have to look great for all those gym selfies.


2. Sign up for a class

Do your research! Just because you find a program you’re in love with doesn’t mean you have to be suckered into high enrollment costs and monthly fees. There’s are plenty of providers that offer services from little to no expense at all. That’s right…free 99. Google will become your best friend. You’ll find deals and events like yoga, dance class, aerial aerobics, pole dancing and more. Don’t forget to mention you might actually find a legit workout partner here!


3. Get Busy

Of course I want you to get out there but I also want you to get active indoors as well. There are several ways to fast track your workout by doing basic everyday household tasks. Put on your favorite music and go to work. Give yourself a good strength. Bust a few dance moves while washing dishes. Hit the stairs or hit the sheets. Studies show that thirty minutes of sex can burn up to 150 calories. This means you’ll get to experience the joy of a workout double times. 

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Now that we’ve given you some sexy pointers it’s time to go to work. Remember size doesn’t define the sexiness of who you are. Who you are defines your sexiness.