date night
date night

date night

Just because the temperature has dropped doesn’t mean your relationship has to cool down with it. In fact, sweater weather is the perfect time to bundle up with your boo and brave the cold together. Whether you’re the Netflix-and-chill kind of couple or the outdoorsy type, we have some great date night ideas that will steam up your relationship during winter nights while awaiting sandals and spaghetti strap weather.

Night of Bubbly

Pop the champagne and turn up the heat to the hot tub for a night of stimulating conversation and romance. Don’t forget the chocolate covered strawberries! NV Lamarca is one of my favorite sparkling wines if you are looking for a tasty drink with the bubbles on a budget.

Netflix-and-Chill in Bed

Put on your cutest and comfiest pajamas, (like this sexy onesie) order some take out (we’re thinking pizza or Chinese food) and make some hot chocolate for a night in with bae. Spend the night watching your favorite flicks or not.

Indoor Picnic

Set up a blanket on the living room floor in front of the fireplace, add some pillows, turn on some music for vibes, order sushi, and start pouring the wine for a romantic indoor picnic. If you don’t have a fireplace, set up in front of the TV and use Netfllix’s “Fireplace for your home’ and turn on some candles for added effects.

Dinner for Two

Nothing works up an appetite like slaying all day in the kitchen. Set up the table, dim the lights, and spend the night cooking up a feast for two at home. Make a specialty cocktail to help keep warm, and maybe end the night with a bit of slow dancing to R&B in your living room.

Couples Massage

Forget the cold weather outside, and leave all the work to someone else. Just focus on relaxing and breathing in and out. If you want to step the romance up a notch, lose the professional and create your own indoor spa at home for a more intimate feel.

Hit the Ice

For those couples that are willing to step out and embrace the season, a night out ice skating is the perfect date night idea (just like the movies).  Then warm up with a cappuccino and sweets at a nearby coffee shop.

One Night Staycation

Rent a room at a hotel in your city if you want a change of scenery for the night and enjoy all their indoor amenities like restaurants and the bar!