are just a few words to describe the oh-so-fabulous Tonya Rapley.

Almost every habit we develop is learned over time. Which means that nearly every habit can be unlearned and/ or replaced @myfabfinance

From the moment you heard the Conference Host, Koereyelle, open her mouth for the final night of the Grown Womanish Virtual Conference, you knew that you were definitely in for a magical night! The energy was so thick across the airwaves. And the expectation was oh-so-high. (Energy + Expectation= Explosiveness) We were in for a treat and you could just feel it!

So many nuggets were dropping out thee gate! It was definitely not for the faint at heart. You had to be a woman that was on her ish to keep up

On the final night of the #GrownWomanish Virtual Conference the topic of discussion was MONEY! Hell, you can never get enough of it! But, for those that showed up from around the country, we weren’t here to learn how to get it. We were here to learn how to KEEP IT and GROW IT! Because there comes a time in every woman life that they must Grow UP and be on their #GrownWoman-ish!

3 Practical Takeaways from the evening with @TonyaRipley:

If at all possible, Pay for Everything in Cash

There is Power in Saving. I know that many women say, “I just cant do it”. But yes, YOU CAN! With discipline, and constant working at it, you can! Everybody has an “ah-ha’ moment. But, why wait until something happens to make you do it vs. you doing it on your own. I am a newlywed. I paid for my destination wedding in CASH!

Entrepreneurship takes werk!

Social media has really glamorized entrepreneurship! But it-is-hard work! I do not advise women to just quit their jobs! Have a plan. Werk that plan. And SAVE! One needs to have at least 6 months of their total income saved.

Change Your Story. Become Your Fabulous!

You are no different than anyone else. You have the ability to literally create the life that you want. It’s not as hard as everyone says that it is; but neither is it as easy. Money is the by-product of hard work. Money isn’t as hard as we assume it is.

Debt, financial stress, and embarrassment don’t have to be a part of your story.

Tonya Rapley is a wife, entrepreneur, co-founder, domestic violence survivor, and Certified Finance Education Educator. She is the Creator of Fab Finance; and her blog has been Named Best Finance Blog For Women. She has been featured in major media outlets Black Enterprise, Forbes, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Yahoo finance, Essence, CentricTV, and many more.

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