New year, new you; right? Well how about we include new money goals in the new year too?! With the new year we vow to have better eating habits, better workout habits, so why not better financial habits. Our financial health is just as important as our spiritual, mental, and physical health. Along, with the other resolutions you’ve set for yourself for the new year, here are some #moneygoals to have for 2017.


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Let’s face it, saving money is sometimes easier said than done. Make saving easier by opening an online savings account; preferably one with a high yielding interest rate. Online savings accounts allow you to have an account that is not readily accessible every time you view your everyday banking systems. Once you’ve established your new savings account, kick start your saving journey by initiating reoccurring direct deposits. Deposits can be as small as $25 every paycheck. Assuming a bi-weekly pay schedule, that’s a savings of $600 in one year. Need a recommendation for online savings accounts? Try American Express Personal Savings.

Govern Your Credit…Accordingly!

As you progress in life and look to settle down, your credit is everything! Your credit tells lenders all they need to know to determine whether or not they will do business with you. In 2017, govern your credit…accordingly. Start by retrieving a copy of your credit report to understand your current credit standing. Review your credit report for any negative impacts or inaccuracies. Any disputes that you wish to raise can be submitted online via one of the three credit agencies. Girl, Get Your Credit Straight: A Sister’s Guide to Ditching Your Debt, Mending Your Credit, and Building a Strong Financial Future is a great read by Glinda Bridgforth. She pulled her way out of a heap of debt and a below sea level credit score after a nasty divorce. This book and her resources has helped hundreds of thousands of women nationwide do the same. Check it out!

Give Credit Card Debt the Boot!

Credit cards always seem like a good idea until one day you realize you’ve racked up a ridiculous balance and the interest charged each month is swallowing your payments. In 2017, give debt the boot and send it packing. Remove credit cards from your wallet to deter yourself from using them. Want to take it a step further; cut them up! In this new year, refrain from opening any new credit accounts. If you cannot pay for it cash, you cannot afford it. If using your credit card is an absolute must, then pay the entire balance off in 30 days before being charged interest.

Make Your Money, Make Money!

Of course in the new year we need to make money, so in 2017, invest. Conduct your research, purchase yourself some stock shares, and watch your money make money. A great investment website for beginners is optionshouse. This website includes tools to insist in making your stock purchases as well as recommendations for beginner investors.

Give Generously!

The last money goal for 2017 that you should have is probably the most important. It is to give and to give generously. When you give to others, your needs will be met and your wants will be exceeded. In order to receive a blessing be a blessing.