money goals 2017

The start of a new year is the perfect time to get on track with your financial goals, whether it’s working towards paying off your student loans, saving for a vacation, or purchasing a new home. To accomplish your financial goals you will need to plan properly, here are some money goals to have for 2017 that will put you on the right track to accomplish these goals.

Appreciate what you have

To live in abundance you must first appreciate what you already have. We live in a country where a majority of the population have access to clean running water, a roof over our heads, and access to resources such as the internet. Statistics from Global Issues show that more than half of the world’s populations live on less than $2.50 per day.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” -Oprah

Emergency Fund

How are you preparing for emergencies in 2017? No one likes emergency situations, but the ones who come out ahead are the people who are prepared when emergencies do arise. Have you saved up enough money for urgent situations such as a car breaking down, unexpected medical visits, or unpaid time off from work? Most experts believe that you should have three to eight months of living expenses saved in an account that’s easily accessible. 

Build up your emergency fund ladies, it should be one of the main money goals to have for 2017. The next time you are in Neiman Marcus, skip out on buying that extra pair of shoes and add that money to your savings account. In the long run, you will be grateful you did.

Pay yourself through a 401k

If your company offers a 401k, make sure you are participating. Find out if your company matches a percentage of your contributions. i.e. If your company matches 4% of your contributions, you should be allocating at least 4% of what they match to your 401k. Pay yourself and save for your financial future each paycheck.

Maintain your health

Take a step back and think of the times when you were sick. The moments where you felt so that bad that you could not get out of bed. In those moments, the last thing on your mind was work or making money. All of your attention and focus was on getting better. Health is wealth. Maintaining your mental and physical wellness will give you the energy and mental clarity to make more money. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself healthy.

Here are some tips to help maintain a healthy routine:

  1. Get a gym membership
  2. Prepare healthy meals at home
  3. Find an accountability partner
  4. Meditate

Stop comparing yourself to others

I know your neighbor’s new car, fresh off the lot, would look great in your garage, but that’s her blessing. It is easy to get caught up in comparing our situations to others when there is non-stop posting of new clothes, jewelry, homes, and everything in between on social media. You have to run your own race. Comparing your financial situation to others is a disservice to yourself and is a distraction from your goals.

Know where your money is going

Do you have an understanding of where every dollar of your income is going each month? If not, start with the zero-based budget. It’s a budgeting tool promoted by Dave Ramsey to assist you in allocating every dollar of your income and expenses. This method is good for highlighting and tracking spending habits. Dave Ramsey also has a book that we love called Total Money Makeover which is a proven financial fitness plan. Check out the book!

Just say no

Your family thinks you are rolling in cash because you graduated college and have a stable job. What they fail to realize is that you have bills, student loans, and your own financial goals. Save yourself first. You can’t take on everyone else’s financial problems and accomplish yours at the same time. Set boundaries and say no to everyone else’s financial emergencies until you truly can afford to help.