$465 in 30 days.  

Yes, that’s right…30 days.

I know you’re probably rolling your eyes at the screen right now as you’re reading this and saying to yourself “girl bye!” 

Once upon a time, I would have been saying the exact same thing.  I was struggling so bad that you couldn’t tell me that I could stack almost $500 over the course of a month, let alone save $10!  I was dead broke and trying to save any money was the last thing on my list.  I was just trying to survive.  Talk about hard times!  

Fast forward to today, I’m here to let you know that it’s definitely possible, but it’s going to take a ton of discipline and focus.  If you’re serious about this saving life, then you should be fine.  Your mindset is where it all starts.  By changing your mindset you can literally change your life.  Your financial situation is shaped by how you think about money, which influences how you manage your money.  Guess what?  If you keeping crying that you’re broke, you’re going to remain that way.  All you are doing is reinforcing that into the universe.  It’s imperative that you get a grip on this way of thinking and behaving, or else you’ll end up where I once was (if not already there).  

Ok, are you ready to get into how you’re going to save this money?  It’s time for you to level up your savings, so let me show you how.  

Before you begin on this savings spree, you need to determine how you are going to actually stash your cash.  Saving actual cash can be good, but there are some better options out there.  With physical money, it’s easier for you to get tempted to stick your hand into the money pot.  Because of this, you should look into stashing away the savings into an account that you don’t have easy access to.  There are some awesome online savings accounts out there, but here are my faves:

Capital One 360 Savings

Ally Bank

American Express

So now that you’ve determined how you are going to stash your cash, it’s time to save!  In order to save almost $500 in 30 days, it’s ideal for you start at the beginning of a month so that you can track the amount you’re supposed to save easier.  On day 1, you are going to save $1.  On day 2, you are saving $2.  You are going to stash the amount of money according to the date and continue until you’ve reached 30 days.  So on day 30, you should be saving $30.  You should have a total of $465 saved up as long as you stuck to the challenge!  How lit is that?   

Now, I know you’re probably wondering where all of this ‘extra money’ is going to come from right?  Well, if you make a few small changes in your daily routine then you should have no problems at all during this 30 day period.  For instance, instead of going to Starbucks every morning, try making coffee at home or drinking the free stuff in the office.  I know it may not taste as good as Starbucks, but you should train your mind to believe that it does!  Additionally, bring your lunch to work instead of ordering out everyday.  Step away from that vending machine.  Walk or ride your bike to some of the places that you need to go to instead of driving.  Say no to going to happy hour with your crew for once in your life.  The point that I’m trying to make is that there are plenty of opportunities for you to cut back and save once and for all!  

So there you have it, almost $500 in 30 days.  Make sure you’re either using that money to actually stay in your savings account (don’t spend it) OR use this extra cash to pay down one of your debts.  Trust me, you’ll be thanking me later.  

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