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“One thing you have to stop if you want to be successful is worrying about what everyone else is doing” – Koereyelle

There were so many takeaways from the opening night of the #GrownWomanIsh Virtual Conference! The ink from my pen couldn’t flow fast enough. It was great to hear confirmations and challenges from someone who is changing the game by helping women walk in their purpose in such an authentic way. It’s easy to sit and wonder why some people seem to have the magic touch while many seem to be sprinkling dust right? Well, it may seem that way, but Koereyelle assured us that is just simply not reality. However, if you’re going to be focused on putting in the WERK, you can’t be looking around at what everyone is doing. You have to mind your own business. The time that we’re sitting around wondering what everyone is doing is the time we should be WERKING.

“You have to be so caught up in YOURSELF and YOUR dreams that you don’t have time to look around at everyone else” – Koereyelle

It may seem like everyone else’s progress is happening so fast, but that’s far from the truth. Matter of fact, Koereyelle challenged listeners by saying “The person who you find yourself envying, should be the person who is motivating you”. Reality tells us that if everyday we choose to hustle, fight ourselves to make magic happen, then we’ll see the compounded effects revealed in our breakthrough. Koereyelle’s breakthrough may appear to be overnight success to those who don’t know her journey, but she’s clearly put in her 10,000 hours.

“You ONLY get OUT what you put IN” – Koereyelle

In her illustration of the hustle behind the blessings, Koereyelle shares a childhood memory that has been etched in her mind for over 25 years. What is it about life that makes certain experiences stay in our minds forever? During her #GrownWomanIsh segment, Koereyelle painted a vivid picture of what it feels like to see everyone having fun and doing what they want to do while you’re cornered off being sharpened, pruned and refined. We all sometimes prefer the blessing without the WERK! Koereyelle’s mother, knew she wanted her daughter to not only be a success, but also one of the best to ever do it! She didn’t want Koereyelle’s birthdate to effect her strategic placement and start in school and therefore her overall education, so she trained her daughter to be so educationally advanced in a way that she was over prepared for tests and would always be on the level of children older than her.

As a 5 year old little girl, Koereyelle’s mother taught her the following 3 lessons:

  1. You have to be willing to werk twice as hard for what you want

We as women, will always have to out hustle, out think and out smart the competition on a completely different level. Add our melanin to the equation and we have to almost be super human to get what we’re worth. However, Koereyelle reminded us, “You can have everything you’re willing to werk for”. This may require longer hours invested into studying your industry, building your brand, creating your sales strategy and investing into your business. But it’s worth it. Don’t expect results for the werk you’re not putting in. Don’t make excuses, keep improving and growing and watch the results show in your success. While her friends and peers were outside playing during the summer, Koereyelle, had to stay in everyday and listen to audio books. She was over prepared for her tests and was therefore always the best. When asked about her tips for obtaining sponsorships for events, Koereyelle candidly responded “Be your own damn sponsor!” #MajorKeyAlert

Recommended reading: Confessions of a WERKaholic and The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell 

  1. If you surround yourself around people who are more advanced than you, you will always be on the next level 

Koereyelle was always exposed to the habits and practices of children older and more advanced than her. Although she was in their orbit, her mere presence meant that despite her age, she was werking on their level. Who are those people in your life who are motivating you to be on the next level? Do you have a mentor? Are you involved in a mastermind group? How are the people around you inspiring you to be the best version of yourself? At the same time, look at those around you who don’t show up, step up or level up. Those people shouldn’t be the decision makers or influencers in your life. Koereyelle advised listeners to, “Surround yourself with people who are going the direction you want to go”. Prioritize the people who are making you a priority and are going to build you up. “In 2017, it’s time to LEVEL UP your NETWORK” – Koereyelle #MajorKeyAlert

Join the Inner Circle!

  1. You can coach yourself through anything that you come to face with positive talk 

We all face trials, obstacles and hurdles in life, but those are meant to strengthen you, not stop you. In her last reflection of her childhood for the night during the #GrownWomanIsh Virtual Conference, Koreyelle reflected her laziness as a child. She absolutely didn’t want to participate in P.E. and I’m sure many of us could relate to something in life that we have to do, but we don’t want to do. However, she realized that the more she fought it and resisted through negative self talk and complaining the more she stopped her growth as a child and as an individual. She was allowing something she didn’t want to do, to shift her mindset about putting in the werk. We have to focus on the positive about the things we don’t want to do in life so that we consistently grow and learn our lessons from them. She started saying affirmations and realized that positive talk and thinking could help her do and succeed in anything in life. She implemented this practice into everything she does today. Key tips for listeners were to “affirm things that make you excited”. Koereyelle suggested to be authentic with your affirmations and not focus on things that you don’t care about or things that you don’t believe. Also, she advised listeners to not only be your worst critic by making sure you know what you have to improve or work on, but be your own cheerleader by always affirming your strengths. Lastly, Koereyelle cautioned listeners to not only look for other people to help them win, but to be their own accountability partner. #MajorKeyAlert

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