healthy alternatives

I’m ALWAYS searching for healthy alternatives!

When I was writing my first book, WERK101 I knew I couldn’t create a lifestyle guide without including health and wellness. Although it’s easy to understand that what we put in our body effects us, we don’t always look close enough at what we’re putting on our body.
But, the truth is– our beauty and “health” products are the culprit behind tons of cancer cases, so it’s worth paying attention to. When it comes to your health, ignorance is NOT bliss. So, here are a few of my favorite alternatives to some of your favorite products:

#1 Deodorant
By now I’m sure you’ve heard that deodorant is one of the leading causes of breast cancer, right? Well no matter how bad we want to smell fresh, is it really worth dying (or losing your breasts) for? I THINK NOT. Now, I am not going to lie and tell you that natural deodorant works as well as regular antiperspirant because it doesn’t. Typical deodorant literally stops you from sweating, with traps toxins in your skin. Natural deodorant will allow you to sweat, but you shouldn’t stink. I’ve tried a bunch of different brands but my current favorite is called Pit Paste. It comes in stick and paste form and it actually works! You can grab it here from Amazon or your local Whole Foods. 

#2 Toothpaste
I’m not going to go all conspiracy theory on you, but google fluoride and see for yourself. When my friend Jerri first started attending classes to become an Herbalist, this was the first lesson she shared with me: fluoride isn’t for the human body…it’s actually poison and diminishes our capacity to think for ourselves. Unfortunately in this country, we are raised to believe that fluoride works wonders for us, so much so that we get fluoride treatments every year in addition to using it daily… (do your own research, I ain’t lying!!) A great alternative to regular toothpaste is Neem. This is a vegetable based toothpaste that will keep your mouth smelling & feeling fresh without the poison of fluoride. There are tons of healthy alternatives out there, but you can this one here from Amazon or check your local health food store for alternatives. 

P.S. Stay away from Tom’s products…they sold out too. No longer a “natural” company even though their packaging never changed. Learn more here and here.

#3 Water
Sounds basic, right? WRONG! Most of the water we consume isn’t natural, it’s produced in a factory. Yep, your favorite Dasani and Aquafina brands are made right along side coke and pepsi, in a factory. It’s filled with additives that aren’t necessary for human consumption. So, your best bet is natural spring water or alkaline water. If you don’t want to spend the extra money for alkaline, try Evian– the absolute BEST store brand (beside Fiji) When all else fails, just stay away from purified water.. get spring water when you can (which is always)

#4 Feminine products
Now this one should be a no brainer. Why would you use poison on your most precious possession, your reproductive organs. Like..WHY? If you knew better, you’d do better. No matter how expensive the alternatives are or how inconvenient it may be to find them– your health is worth it. When I found out how many chemicals were in our pads, tampons and feminine wash products I was totally disgusted. So when I stumbled upon IVPure pads, I fell in love. They are made with special healing herbs that sooth you while you’re on your cycle and actually shorten your flow. I haven’t been able to find the on Amazon, but you can order them online here.

Your health truly is your wealth and it’s up to you to make the best choices possible! In this year’s Grown Woman Ish virtual conference Chef Ahki shared tons of other healthy alternatives to your favorite foods, talked about the ONE food group you need to stay away from and shared so much wisdom on how we can live healthier lives. Wanna learn more? You can get her full werkshop and save 25% with discount code wellness when you download it here.