Celebrity chef, health activists, and food blogger, Chef Ahki educated us with some eye opening and jaw dropping misconceptions about the standard American diet. She also provided instructions on how to incorporate healthy living into a busy lifestyle. This session of the “Grown Woman Ish Conference” was very detailed and resourceful.

Read below to get all keys from her Q&A session with Koereyelle, Chef Ahki’s background, and how she discovered her passion.

Chef Ahki explains how she didn’t originally start out on the career path of wellness. In fact, she was headed down a career in the arts. Her life took a different path when she turned 18 and began to get tired of her family going through so many bouts of illnesses, such as her sister’s full hysterectomy at the age of 22. These events were the tipping point that caused her to change her diet. The change in diet led her to become a colon and nutritional therapist. This is where she began to realize the strong need to help women with their reproductive health.

What are the typical misconceptions about the food we eat? 
“The assumption of wellness. We think unless we are not going to the ER or in excruciating pain, everything else must be ok. Maybe our energy levels are low, our sex drive is low, constant yeast infections, or cannot go to the bathroom regularly. They are all warning signs that you are not fully well. In the black community, we need to get ahead of our problems. If your skin is not clear, if you have a foul odor, you aren’t going to the bathroom regularly, or you are weak. Those issues need to address it now.”
What if you don’t have money to go to the Dr. every time you think something is wrong? Or for women who may have the money, but don’t trust a Dr’s advice?
“You have to become the head Dr. in your household. For yourself, your husband, and your children. You know when something isn’t right and a lot of these things are something you can manage on your own.”

Chef Ahki gives advice on various health topics
Bacterial Vaginosis: To heal this issue you have to fix your diet, your sexual activities during intercourse, and your hygiene. Go to the health food store and get some tea tree oil suppositories. She normally doesn’t recommend douche, but if you need to do one. You can use Sweet Annie’s, they have a good herbal douche.

Bowel Movements: Eat at least two cups of fruits and veggies daily. You can blend up your fruits and veggies up in a shake. Don’t take laxatives regularly, they are dangerous. Heavy Menstrual Bleeding: Start in advance of your menstruation coming. Drink pre-menstrual herbal teas. Red raspberry, dandelion, and ginger.

What are some foods that we are regularly eating that are bad?

Fried Chicken: Modern chicken cannot be properly digested by the human body. It’s full of estrogen, that causes reproductive issues.

Carbs and Starches: Which are massive killers in our community. Replace typical white flour pasta with, spelt, black bean, quinoa, or kelp. You can find these items at Vitacost.

Dairy: For cheese alternatives look up a company called, Follow Your Heart.

Which do I need to give up first? Meat, carbs, or dairy?

“Carbs. Your body processes it as sugar. Sugar is damaging to the brain.” Chef Ahki also emphasizes that the transition to clean eating is a process. She recommends to take your time and start with small changes. It took her three to four years to fully transition.

What are some issues, foods, or lifestyle habits that are causing reproductive and thyroid issues?
“The underlying causes are pretty much the same for all reproductive issues. It’s caused by estrogen dominance and synthetic forms of foods. Over time the standard American diet, antibiotics, topical products that our skin is absorbing, and even some hygiene products, can cause infertility issues.”

Her Solution
Change your diet (remove excessive dairy, meat, and starch)

-Use alternatives to feminine hygiene products (check out honeypot)
-Use alternative sexual protection products.
-Find aluminum-free deodorants.

What are some vitamins we can use?
1. Essence of Fertility, for reproductive disorders.

2. Add sea moss to a 16oz smoothie. It’s a superfood that you can find at Rose Mountain Herbs.

3. Chlorella and organic liquid chlorophyll, helps people who don’t get enough greens and are iron deficient.

4. Dandelion, in any form you can find it. It is ideal for reproductive health. It is great for blood flow and skin. It also cleans the kidneys and liver (see her site for herbal teas with dandelion).

5. Upgrade your pots and pans.Get good stainless steel set of pots and pan.

What can you do to break the sugar cravings? 

Consume foods like dried fruit, coconut ice cream, dates, raw honey. You can also make chocolate shakes with carob, a chocolate flavored powder.

How to incorporate a healthy lifestyle on a budget?
Go to your local farmers market. Don’t try to go vegan at Whole Foods. Stay at your current store. If you shop at Walmart, Kroger, or Publix, go vegan there.
Written By: Johnnita Bros | IG: @lilykyi | lilykyi.org