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These 5 Post Holiday Must-do Restarts & Detoxes are essential to kicking off the new year on the right track. Here are 5 Post Holiday Must- do Restarts & Detoxes that will ensure you are bad and bougie for the remainder of 2017!

  1. Detox your body -Ok. Dos and Don’ts of a good detox. Do drink water anywhere between 8 to 9 glasses a day. Do eat healthy portions of fruits and vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do add in a green tea with lemon as a great detoxifier and diuretic. Don’t skip meals. Don’t skip out on water intake. Don’t do the Cayenne Pepper and Lemon challenge. The purpose of a good detox is to eliminate and replenish nutrients. You determine the length of your detox, most people usually stick with a 7 to 14-day timeframe. A Detox should not be confused with a fast. Fasting is usually done to enhance focus, and gain clarity on a specific area of one’s personal life. It is highly advantageous to do both congruently as you will become more spiritually clear, while providing your body with amazing nutrients. Our feet are very important as well in regards to detoxing. I use these awesome natural foot pads that pull toxins out of the feet. It removes metals, wastes, parasites, and more! You can get them right here.
  2. Toss your makeup – So why is this important? Studies show that Spring and Summer are when women most likely go shopping for the latest colors and hues in lipsticks and eye shadows. What better time than now, to toss out any make-up from 2016 and prior? Besides, did you know you should not keep any make-up past six months? In some cases mascara should be tossed after…drumroll please… 90 days! I know shocking. But why spend all this time detoxing to have clearer skin, and you put on the old bacterial infested make-up from Summer 16? Just a thought.
  3. Refresh your rooms and living spaces – You know what I am talking about! The closet, trunk, and junk drawer. Make a list of all the areas in your home. The list should comprise of each room that you feel needs to be streamlined and tidying up. From there, list out what areas in those rooms need to be attacked. For example, if the bedroom is an area you listed you would survey that rooms, dressers, closets, storage bins, etc. to identify what needs to be tossed, donated and/or kept. This is a fun way to re-purpose clothes as well. Most of us go shopping in November and December, and have not taken the time to toss out old things to make room for the new. Oh, here is one other bonus tip, right now is the perfect time to purchase new linens for your bedroom and bathroom. Start the new year with new sheets and new towels. Throw in a few new throw pillows with motivational quotes if you feeling real bad and bougie… lol!
  4. Get rid of the 1,000 unused apps on your phone  -If you have not used any app within the past 30 days, TOSS IT! Maybe the app has become outdated, boring or just plain ole useless. With that being said, take the first step to organize the pages of your current apps by category. For example, games, health, finance, beauty etc. Once organized you can quickly view which ones to keep and which ones to eliminate. Trust me, less is more on your phone. Between emails, texts, instant messaging, dm’s, social media… it can become a bit overwhelming and we just don’t have the time for that in 2017. By the way, emails, texts, screen shots, photos, etc. are not EXEMPT from the phone restart. Use apps like Google Drive or Dropbox to organize photos. Back up your photos to your iCloud for my Apple folks, and keep it moving.
  5. Clean out your office space – YES..PLEASE, and THANK YOU! It is challenging to set new goals for 2017 if your old 2016 goals are still hanging around on post-it notes. It’s time for order. Rummage through your office space, purge notes, invoices, scrap paper, all of that. This one may take some time to really dive into. Start with books, move to notepads and journals. From there move to contacts (business cards), Calendars, etc. If you decide to keep journals and notepads that are filled up or filling up, take a sharpie and write on the back of each journal/notepad, the year and content. For example, “2016 – Social Media Journal”. This way you can always refer back if needed. Take your business cards, and purchase a photo album with the sticky pages. Stick each business card on each page. If you are really fancy, categorize your cards first, and then label the sheets with each category for easy reference.

5 Post Holiday Must-do Detoxes will only be successful if you are willing to let go. You can’t keep it all. In order to be the best version of you and be prepared for new chapters of your life, you have to be willing to make space and room for those things that will propel your forward. Trust the process and cheers to a wonderful new year!