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It’s the holiday season. Are you joining Bae’s family for the holidays? If you are then read on to find out 5 things you need to remember while visiting Bae’s family for the holidays:

  1. Be Comfortable but Cute – A fitted dress, paired with over the knee boots is definitely all the rave. However, for this particular visit, keep your sexy to a minimum. Go for a more subtle but cute approach. Remember you may be lounging, sitting and/or helping in the kitchen. Not all of us can balance in 3 to 4 inch heels while wearing a bodycon dress. So, for those who don’t have this talent, opt for a pair of jeans, paired with a cute sweater and a few accessories to match. Go for a natural or flawless look if you choose to wear make-up. Think more Gabrielle Union, or Kelly Rowland to get some ideas.
  1. Limit Your Liquor – A nice glass of wine or one cocktail, should do it. If you can hold your “crunk juice” maybe a second glass. Anything beyond that, will lend to a “lush” perception from the family and we don’t want that.. (even if they drunk AF, lol). Anywho, be sure to eat something light before attending the family function as sometimes, most guests are greeted with a glass of wine. Wouldn’t want you to go down within the first 20 minutes of your visit, and not even get to taste the Turkey because you turned into a tipsy one!
  1. Bring a Light Hors d’oeuvre or Gift for the Hostess- Nothing like coming empty handed, especially if this is your first visit. Be polite, and visit your local Home Goods or grocery and bring in a platter of fruit, or a vase with fresh flowers for Bae’s other love of his life MOMS! You know she gone be straight watching, so break the ice and wow her with a thoughtful gesture of appreciation.
  1. Be Sure Bae’ Introduces You to ERRBODY – Nothing more awkward, than walking around introducing yourself to cousins, aunts, siblings and uncles. Sometimes you will be met with a “WHO DIS?” look, lol! No one likes to feel uncomfortable, so be sure you and BAE talk through this portion prior to arrival.
  1. Ask if Anything Is Needed Before You Bounce – So, throw away your trash, and politely ask the hostess if there is anything you can do to assist with cleanup. Be prepared to get that fresh mani tow to pieces all in the name of love. Remember, we aren’t trying to impress the family, but more so be memorable. You want them to say, “Gosh, Craig’s girlfriend is so nice and sweet, she would really make a great addition to the family, I LOVE HER!”

Now save these 5 things to remember while visiting bae’s family for the holidays, and you should not have any mishaps! P.S if you are baeless, please share this article with friends you know will be visiting the loved ones of their boo’s!

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