What’s Love Got to do With It?

Whats-Love-Got-to-Do-With-It-Sermon-Series-Idea Whats-Love-Got-to-Do-With-It-Sermon-Series-Idea

Whether you are newly married, or have been married for a long time, you know that marriage is WORK! I repeat. MARRIAGE IS WORK!  In the beginning of every marriage, its all peaches and cream! ABSOLUTELY nothing gets on your nerve! Your husband can do no wrong. You’re happy to do any and every thing for YOUR man! (From picking up after him, washing his clothes, caring for him when he is ill, giving him lovin’ even when you didn’t fee like it). But, the question becomes, what do you do when the newness wears off? How do you keep that same fire lit that was oh-so ablaze when you first met, when you first got married? Simple.  Continue to do what you did to get and keep your spouse. Yup! It’s that simple.  Here are 6 things that you can do immediately to keep your marriage afresh and alive!

  1. PRAY for your husband daily! (Invite God into your marriage)
  2. Cook for your husband! (Believe it or not, men looooove home cooked meals)
  3. Be sweet to him. Give him back and feet rubs.
  4. Dress up in his favorite lingerie….Better yet, just put on some heels and your birthday suitJ
  5. Communicate. Communicate.
  6. LOVE him unconditionally! Love is a powerful force! Don’t always point out the bad things that he does.

My goal through this column is to give you small nuggets of wisdom to propel you into being a Happily Married Wife.


A Former Foolish Wife

Jessica Mosley is truly A Woman After God’s Own Heart. She has a passion to see women live their life to the fullest! She is a serial entrepreneur operating in many different facets such as author, media coach, and professional makeup artist. But her ultimate joys in life are being a wife to Jayson and phenomenal mother to their children. You can connect with Jessica through the following outlets:

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