I love fashion, dressing up and feeling my personal best. After becoming a full-time corporate worker, wife, and, mom I found it challenging to dedicate time to my work wardrobe. I really noticed a drastic change in my attire after having my daughter.  It went from, “girl I love your style” to “comfy over cute.” Here, I have captured some ways to include style and functionality, to spice up your professional wardrobe.

  1. Find one piece of clothing that inspires you and build around it. It can be one of your best fitting pair of slacks or a fashionable shirt.
  2. Jewelry can add an extra flair to clothing. Try adding a statement piece to solid a dress.
  3. A tailored fitted blazer is a must for every working woman. Blazers can add a clean and chic look to an outfit when worn with slacks or dresses.
  4. A shoe that pops will add extra spice to a wardrobe. Do you consistently wear all black shoes to work? Adding colorful shoes will make a big difference to the total look of your outfit. Try odd colors such as pink or green.
  5. Play with prints. Patterns and prints are my all time favorite to wear. Try adding a skirt with animal print to a solid colored shirt
  6. Scarf it up. In Florida, we don’t wear scarves much because of the warm weather, but they are a great addition to work attire in the winter.
  7. An over the knee form-fitting dress is a great quick and chic look. Make sure you stay within your works dress code and buy your dress to fit over your knees.
  8. Pumps and more pumps. Instead of opting for flats, find a pair of comfortable low heels.
  9. Pencil skirts, an easy addition to your closet beyond the everyday slacks.
  10. Have fun. Step outside of your routine. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new pieces. It’s easy to grab the same clothes you wear on a daily versus the skirt you haven’t worn in two months.
  11. Make an effort to organize your clothes on a Sunday before the start of a workweek. Not only will you be fabulous at work, you will spend less time in the mornings trying to figure out what to wear.

Written by: Johnnita Bros

Financial Analyst | Lifestyle Blogger


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