Dating can be fun but it can also be annoying, especially now of days. While I don’t have all of the answers, I do know that you can make dating easier by following some general guidelines. I’m not saying that you have to follow all of these, or any of these for that matter. But I definitely believe these tips will help if you implement them.


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Be yourself

While this seems like common sense, a lot of times we do the exact opposite. We can be so focused on trying to impress someone or do the ‘right’ things that will guarantee a second date that we show a false representation of who we are. If we show up as something false, and continue to date on that fallacy, the relationship won’t be genuine or real. Start off the right way and be yourself. I promise you that the right person will appreciate you just the way you are.

Engage in something fun

I’m over a dinner + movies. It’s too typical and if this is someone you don’t know that well, it can be a little awkward. Instead, do something fun that you both can agree on. For example, go rock climbing to practice trust and see how good he is when you need help. Or do a paint night where you can both tap into your creative sides. Whatever it is, try something outside of the box. If he’s lucky enough to get a second date, then you can go to dinner to discuss how great the first one was.

Trust your gut

Everyone is not Prince Charming, and even when they are it doesn’t mean that he’s your Prince Charming. If the first date truly didn’t go well, then don’t force it. There will be other guys. I know it seems like the fish in the sea are limited, but don’t settle on the wrong one for the sake of having one. No point in wasting your time. You’re better than that, sis.


Worry about the “conversation rules”

It’s said that politics + religion are two big no, no’s when it comes to conversation during the first date. While I don’t think that it should be forcefully brought up, if the subjects do arise, it’s okay to have a slight conversation about it. Personally, I’m a Christian. I do not date outside of my religion because I want my spouse to have the same spiritual beliefs as me. There is no problem with that. If you’re the same then touching base on beliefs isn’t a bad idea. Plus, you’ll know you can cut the date short if he’s a Trump supporter.

Conduct an interview

While it’s natural to want to know everything about a potential mate and if they meet all the criteria, it’s annoying to play 21 Questions when you’re on the receiving end. Learn more about them organically and if over time red flags are thrown, run.

Expect a marriage proposal

Girl, even if he likes you…getting serious takes time. Don’t expect social media posts and him professing his love for you after day one, week one, or even month one. Take it easy.


Written by: Aniyah Helen

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