The CMAs: An Epic Collision of Politics and Slayage

beyonce cma

Beyoncé performed at the CMAs and white people are mad. How mad?? They are big mad. They are Black Stormtrooper mad. They are The McRib ain’t ever coming back, mad. They are Pumpkin Spice ain’t dropping till December, mad. They are, nobody brought green bean casserole for Thanksgiving dinner, mad. They are, plain red holiday Starbucks cups, mad. They are, black girl playing Annie, mad. They are, John McCain lost the election to the black guy, mad. I could go on forever, but you get it.

The Terrible Reason Country Music Fans Are Furious with Beyoncé:

Now, I’m not, by any stretch of the imagination, a Bey-hiver. I’m not even truly Beyoncé fan. (Caveat: As a singer, myself I have the utmost respect for her vocal beastliness and the way that she commands a stage and there are a few songs of hers that I like, far more than other, but I’m just not drinking the Beyoncé kool-aid). All that said, I am all the way here for trolling bigots and serving up piping hot plates of F— Yo’ Racist Feelings, right where they live.

Here’s some background on the backlash. You see, once upon a time, boys and girls, there was a time where disrespecting a sitting President could end your career, remember that? Well if not, here is a crash course in a time where Conservative White America actually respected the Highest office in the land.

Dixie Chicks pulled from air after bashing Bush:

Now this may not have been the case at the time, but despite the overwhelming patriotic zeitgeist, a great many Americans have come around to the idea that the Dixie chicks may have actually been right about their sentiments on the war. Unfortunately, that did absolutely nothing for their career after they had been essentially black-balled by on country music.
Ten Years Ago Today a Dixie Chick Dared to Hit Bush on War—and a Hate Campaign Began:

Because I needed to see what all the fuss was about, I watched the performance. And for your reading pleasure, I have included a brief review below:


It was spirited, fierce, empowering, and it was good music which, ideally, is the backbone of any music awards show, irrespective of genre.

Aside from the musical brilliance. There is a much larger and more powerful theme at play here. Beyoncé, on the 50th anniversary of the Country Music Awards no less, brings back a disgraced, yet iconic (and arguably one of the best modern day Country music acts); furthermore, had the audacity to be an unapologetically black face in an intimidatingly white space at a time, after facing a mountain of [unnecessary] criticism from law-and-order-conservatives (which is another, more roundabout way of saying ‘racists’) when racial tensions in our country are at a boiling point.

Beyoncé, Dixie Chicks Make News at CMA Awards:

She was poised and regal all while navigating essentially uncharted waters. She capitalized on the universal appeal that only music has, in an epic display of racial and political solidarity, and she SLAYED.

I’m still not joining the hive, tho.

Yours Truly,

Caila Carter