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What a powerful WERKPraySlay weekend sharing and exchanging wisdom with all the beautful wives and wives to be. Career moguls and moguls to be. Ladies from all over came to learn about how they could build their queendom. This is no doubt epic, but we all agreed that in order to build and maintain our empires we must Never neglect our Health! So as promised..I had to give you guys my Top 5 Ways to improve your health:

1. Upgrade your Kitchen
You know what I’m talkin’’re in your 30’s and your’e still using those cheap teflon pots & pans your mom sent you in college. Thats right, rusty knives and random tupperware too. Be a big girl and invest in kitchen tools.

2. Drink your breakfast
Start your day off right and throw all the nutrition you need in the blender. Seeds, dried fruits, nutrient powders, fresh fruit, nuts, EVERYTHING!

3. Travel Totes
One thing I know is that convenience is king, and if you dont pack snacks, you will crash on JUNK! Get a pretty tote and glass bottle and fill it with healthy options.

4. Free the titties!
I thought I’d never get the “lift’ I wanted from a wireless bra or the protection I wanted from a “natural’ deoderant. WRONG! Breast need to be free of aluminum filled antiperspirants and underwire bras to stay healthy. Try Warners wire-free bra and Crystal deoderant.

5. Check the Carbs
I can’t think of anything more addictive than a yummy bowl of Mac-N Cheese..except mashed potatoes, or perhaps a whole bag of salty chips! Seriously, this stuff is like crack! Essentially it’s all sugar, so its all FAT! Not to mention its’ really bad for the vajayjay! Ewww. Lets’ bring it in ladies. Wags finger.

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