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This year, I tripled my Black Friday sales average and I was BEYOND excited. But besides just being happy, I also took time to reflect on how it was possible. After all, the goal is to sustain success– not just attain it. As entrepreneurs, we have to put systems in place in order to sustain success.

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So after thinking about my personal sales success this year, I created a plan with 5 simple ways to get whatever you want (these tips can be applied to almost any goal)

#1 Set super specific goals
Instead of just setting a goal on making at least $3,000 I also set really specific intentions. I would make at least $500 by noon, $1000 by 3pm and that would put me well on my way to the goal! Not only that, but I actually set an intention for the number of orders I’d get too… would you believe I got the exact number I expected? I ain’t lying.

So, get specific.

#2 Create an action plan
If you don’t have a strategic plan in place, you’re going to have a really hard time succeeding. What 3-5 tasks need to be completed in order for you to get to your goal? I knew I needed to spend just as much time focusing on my marketing strategy as I did designing the product. I put a lot of effort in the plan.. this is crucial to any goal

#3 Go hard for your goals
Like extra hard. Grant Cardone says you need to go 10 times harder than you originally expected and this will yield 10x the result. So, even in my case– I could’ve gone harder since I only yielded 3x what I expected.

But, the point is the same– it’s going to take extra work to get what you want.

#4 Leverage your network
The people who spend time with you should be investing in you, somehow someway. This could mean engaging in valuable conversations, sharing ideas, swapping services whatever. Everyone who’s close to you should be supporting you, and vice versa.

In this case, I relied on my network solely for marketing. I didn’t spend a single dollar to market my Black Friday sales, instead I swapped services within my circle. They posted for me, I posted for them and we all made more money.

The true power is in your people.

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#5 Educate yourself
One thing that I’m always doing is learning something new. Whether it’s meeting someone who’s smarter than me for coffee or signing up for a webinar, I’m always on a mission to educate myself… especially in business.

My goal is always to empower you to educate yourself and I want to make it easy (& affordable) for you to do that which is why I created ReadyToWERK.com in the first place! When you download an audio lesson from my course library you can save 50% with discount code save50







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