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5 Ways to a Better Relationship With Yourself

Life is made up of a series of relationships. From friends, family, lovers and all of the above, we are constantly working on our relationships with others that we sometimes forget to nurture the most important relationship we could ever have, the one with ourselves. Whether you are aware or not, you’ve always had a relationship with yourself. The question is, how have you been treating you? Have you been fulfilling everyone’s needs before yours? Have you been self loathing by putting yourself down or comparing yourself to others in a negative way? The way you treat yourself is how people are most likely are going to treat you. Paying attention and being self aware can lead to a happier and healthier life. Take the time to get to know yourself a bit more, you just might be surprised on how amazing you are.

Here are 5 ways to better the relationship with yourself.

1. Keep Growing

Never stop learning. Read books, travel, try new foods, visit a museum, have different experiences. Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to really see what you are capable of. Do things that will help you grow as an individual. Set personal goals and accomplish them, then set new ones. Don’t let yourself get complacent and keep striving for better. There is always a better version of yourself waiting on the other side of fear. Friends cheer each other on in life, why not do that for yourself when facing difficult challenges that help you grow.

2. Be Selfish

Many times we give so much of ourselves to others in order to make them happy that we sacrifice our own happiness. It’s okay to be selfish every once in a while and say no to your other relationships in order to not compromise yours. This is something I have been currently working on. Many times I have been tired and just want to stay in and relax but somehow get pulled by friends to go out. I then end up feeling tired during the work week because I didn’t give myself the proper “me” time my body was asking for. Listen to your needs and meet them!

3. Get a Hobby

Try out different hobbies until you find one that you really enjoy. Think of what puts you in a good mood or helps you think when you’re trying to sort things out in your life. Find something to do that will help you get through a tough situation. I like to write out my feelings while listening to my favorite music, it’s almost like therapy to me, and it helps me release my emotions and let go of what’s bothering me at the moment.

4. Be Honest

We all know that honesty in a relationship is very important to keep it healthy. We tend to tell ourselves little white lies to help us get through the day, but instead we end up bottling up our feelings until they overwhelm us. For example: Let’s say a friend of yours has done something that really bothers you, but you tell yourself that she doesn’t mean it or she didn’t do it on purpose just so you don’t have to deal with the emotions. I say deal with it head on, instead of bottling up internally and let it affect only you. Protect your feelings.

5. Be Kind

We can be so quick to forgive others for hurting us but we tend to be our own worst critique, and hold on to mistakes we’ve made and let them keep affecting us. Learn to forgive yourself and let go of things that are out of your control. Try not to dwell on the past and move forward into the person you want to be.