3 Ways Rihanna Shows Us How to Slay Fall Fashion


Fall is about easy and effortless looks that make bold statements. Here are three ways Rihanna shows us how to slay Fall fashion. Start with a fleeky statement choker, followed by a hot pair of kick a** boots, and top it off with a popping rich lip color. VIOLA… you have just become a Fall SAVAGE..

1. The Statement Choker – Probably one of the easiest ways to update your fall wardrobe. I find the choker can update any run of the mill basic cami, low-cut top, or t-shirt you have. Throw on your leather bomber jacket a dope pair of hoops and boom! It’s a wrap. Oh, and don’t be afraid to layer in other mid to long length necklaces.

2. Banging Boots – You won’t get far in them those ballerina flats you keep rocking cause they “comfortable”. Look, unlike your taste in men, boots come in all preferable sizes and styles. Short, bootie, over -the knee, and even lace-up. A good pair of boots will last you season after season.

3. A Pop of Rich Lip Color – Last but certainly not least… [Singing.. My lipstick poppin in my head] Attention Ladies: If you still rocking clear lip gloss with brown liner..it’s time to level up. Get to the nearest drugstore or cosmetic counter at your favorite department store and try, try, try them all! From a dark plum to the richest reds. Fall is the season to kick the “nudes” to the curb, and invest in a fine wine shade of lip POWER!

It all boils down to how you accessorize your wardrobe. Forgo the shopping frenzy and buying everything on several mannequins and five stores. Just watch Rihanna work the red carpets, survey her style, and pick one or two items that fit your sense of style slaaaayyyyy!

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