In control, powerful, focused, and calling all the shots. These are the normal attributes of the entrepreneur. To many, it sounds downright sexy. Why wouldn’t you be attracted to someone who is this sure of themselves? Everyone wants to date a person who has a vision for their lives until…they date them. If you’ve ever dated an entrepreneur then I’m sure you’ve felt ignored, rejected, or like you weren’t even breathing at times. I know because I AM an entrepreneur. It’s not easy being with one. If you’re really an entrepreneur and want to pursue a relationship with them then get ready for an interesting ride. As a business owner myself, most entrepreneurs both male and female have similar behaviors. I will give you a few secrets of what these behaviors are and what you can do to make this relationship a successful one.


Things Entrepreneurs Will Do

Disappear: Entrepreneurs are so far off in their little worlds that they will simply disappear. They might not respond to your text for hours or call you for days. You will wonder if they care about you at all. They do care but since they are so passionately in love with their work, that is what gets their attention. The demands of running a company has left them exhausted so they unplug for a minute to simply rest.

Strange as They Come: Can you say weirdo? Entrepreneurs are very strange people. They view the world through a different lens. You see a box of crayons because it’s a box of crayons right? Not to an entrepreneur. When they see that box they imagine possibilities. It’s an opportunity to paint the entire world with color and sunshine. If it wasn’t for these wonderful weirdos there would be no airplanes, cell phones, internet, or any other big idea that pushes our world forward.

Control Freaks: These business owners are leaders who are used to being in charge and delegating duties. What they say goes and if they don’t want it to happen then guess what? It won’t. They don’t mean to be control freaks. At times they are because they are used to being the ones in charge. Due to this, they sometimes come off as control freaks. After all, they run companies.

Dissatisfied: Maybe they just signed a new deal that they’ve been dreaming about for years. Or, they were finally in the position to purchase their dream car. You are so excited for them. They are excited as well but, not for long. What in the world is wrong, didn’t something amazing just happen? Yes something amazing did just happen and guess what? The entrepreneur isn’t impressed with themselves at all. Entrepreneurs are their own worst critics. The picture they see in their minds is so massive that even when they achieve it, they just set bigger goals. They are never satisfied with their current success.

Coach You: As a natural leader entrepreneurs push people. If you are dating them then this will include you. They will recommend books, business ideas you probably aren’t interested in, exercise tips, and a lot of other unsolicited advice. They hate mediocrity and want to see you become your best self so they will PUSH you to be great.

Coldness: You are upset, fussing, pleading, and pouring your heart out. The apple of your eye, this amazing entrepreneur doesn’t understand that you feel completely unappreciated. After saying how you feel they respond very frankly with, “so what do you want me to do?” Or worse, “you are so dramatic.” It’s like your feelings don’t even matter. It’s not that they don’t care. In fact they care very deeply they are simply thinking of solutions in their mind. Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. To find a solution they have to think rationally without all of that emotion. When you want to share how you feel with an entrepreneur leave the yelling, crying, and dramatics out of the story.

They Don’t Know: How in the world could they have forgotten your anniversary or that you don’t like root beer? Give them a break please! They honestly don’t know. If it doesn’t pop up on their google calendars or the secretary hasn’t whispered it in their ear then they have no clue.

Things You Can Do

Get Involved: You want more time with your entrepreneur? Here’s a quick and easy way. Ask them how you can get involved. Maybe you can pick up their suit from the dry cleaners for tomorrow’s big meeting. Or maybe you know so much about their business that you can answer a few emails. If you want your entrepreneur to fall head over heels, the quickest way is to somehow get involved with the work they are passionate about. If you can do this then they will also associate you with that passion.

Don’t Take It Personal: Oh wow, your feelings are hurt because they didn’t return your call when they said they would. Do NOT take it personal. It doesn’t mean that you did something or that they don’t want to be with you. They were probably just working.

Play By Yourself: If you are dating a true at heart entrepreneur then get a hobby. Basketball with the fellas, Tuesday night cocktails with your girls, watercolor, or something! You have to know how to keep yourself stimulated and entertained because your entrepreneur will not be able to play with you all day. If you don’t entertain yourself your entrepreneur will be turned off by you because it seems like neediness and laziness. This is what you do not want to happen.

Patience: You have to have patience if you want to win with the entrepreneur. They may have to work long hours or cancel a date at the last minute. This means you will be waiting and patience is key.

Move On: After reading this do you still want to date an entrepreneur? If you do well then roll with the punches. Entrepreneurs are very appreciative people. If you are being fully supportive they will recognize it and they will reward you handsomely for it. You will NOT get the short end of the stick it they truly care about you. But what if they don’t? I’ve heard the story a million times. A woman is so in love with an entrepreneur and is fed up so she leaves in hopes of getting his attention. A day goes by, a week, a month, 3 months, and no call? Devastated you think, did this person really love me? They might have truly loved you but not enough to choose you over their dreams. They might not be where they want to be with their goals so they let you go. If this has happened and your entrepreneur didn’t fight for you, move on. Find someone who is more your speed.

Written By: V. Taybron Creator of