The Single Wives Club showed up and showed out at the 4th annual WERK PRAY SLAY weekend and the lives of so many women will forever be changed!. One can’t help but step their game up after listening to so many exceptional women and men just tell it like it T-I IS!


Starting with Saturday’s B.Y.O.B (Be Your Own Boss) Conference. Now that you have seen your instagram feeds LIT, let me just share with you why this conference is totally GAME CHANGING. This was not your just a typical note taking, pen slanging event… no no no my friend. This conference was LIT! From Bershan Shaw to Jalesa Harrison to Chef Ahki…these phenomenal women set the stage on fire and fed our soul with knowledge and the power to not only be better but DO BETTER. From finances, to health, to motivation, I would have to say any guest that left the BYOB more than likely deleted a few deadbeat phone contacts, eliminated their calendar with anything that wasn’t productive, cleaned their pantries full of soda, chips and snack cakes, took a closer look at their wallet, and last but certainly not least dropped those loser grown boys from their lives! Here are the a few things I learned after attending B.Y.O.B:

  • Stop Playing Small – Bershan, said it best. Get rid of all the things that hold you back and stop pretending to have it all together. There is power in your transparency and your ability to be vulnerable. “Break your patterns up and do something different.” Self love is key to your progress, and just to be clear …self-love is NOT accepting anything that you don’t deserve.
  • Get Your Coins in Check – Don’t just earn money have a relationship with it. You got to respect and love money. It’s the relationship you have with money that will inevitably determine just how successful you are with being wealthy. “Don’t be average. Average people live to impress other people, and build others dreams without building their own.” Thanks for re-defining the meaning of the word average for us Jalesa!
  • Stop “Assuming Wellness” – Self love has everything to do with self-care. If you are investing in your queendom, you must invest in your health in order for it to manifest. Understanding what you eat and where it comes from is so important to the longevity of not just your business but your LIFE!. Chef Ahki went on to share, that no matter if you are a wife, single, mother, BAWSE, you have to invest in learning more about what foods are costing you your mental clarity, physical limitations and emotional imbalance.
  • Are You Ready for your King? – This year the addition of the Relationship Readiness Men’s Panel was DOPE! Phenomenal single and married men shared their perspective on what men look for in a wife, and that women should be empowered to ask for what they want in a man. Leave nothing to be assumed. Clear communication should never be off the table. Mad respect for Stephan Labossiere , DJ Fadelf Jackson, David Shands and Kevin “Kayree” Reeves for letting us into the minds of men.


Also, congratulations to this year’s WERKaholic Award Winners, Emmelie De La Cruz, Kisha Ward, Chiara Graham, Zakia Blain and Nychole Sanford! These women also shared a few keys on what it takes to be a BAWSE! Be sure to check them out on Instagram. They are INCREDIBLE! [If you missed the BYOB conference, you can grab the replay here!]


Capping off this wonderful weekend off with a bang, was Sunday’s event, Wives Who Brunch Big Hat Brunch. This event was a display of elegance and a spectacle of what true sisterhood looks like. Women attended in their best Sunday attire adorned with the flyest hats! From “The R.E.A.L Wives” talk show, (a panel hosted by none other than, The Wives Society to “Date Him? Or Diss Him?” (an interactive game), to our presentation of our Clair Huxtable Award honorees. This was the way to end such an impactful weekend. Here are a few highlights from this marvelous event:

  • So What is Love? – To know TRUE Love one must know thyself and not be afraid to seek the wisdom of those around us. The panel from The Wives Society was so full of grace and gems of encouragement. These lovely ladies shared with us the good, the bad, and the ugly about their experiences in their own personal marriages. No matter what the world wants you to believe being married is still the highest honor and one of the most beautiful commitments you will make for yourself, your family and the community.
  • So What Do We Women Really Think? – The “Date him or Diss him” game was a total fun surprise! It was a great way to open have open dialogue of how each woman handles certain scenarios around “Would you date a man that lives with his mom, and rides the bus or train?” to “Would you date a man that has two baby mama’s, and two ex-wives?” Let me just say things got really interesting. However, one guest really summed it all up for us, “Sometimes the man for you isn’t your type.” Keep an open mind when dating and know that the standards you want in a man, you yourself also have to embody.
  • Wives ARE WINNING!Nicole Garner Scott and Egypt Sherrod were honored with The Claire Huxtable Award who exemplifies WERKING WOMEN who also lead healthy successful lives as wives. These two lovely ladies dropped knowledge on love, life and leadership. What an honor it was being for these ladies to represent a positive light for African American women, at a time where so many negative images control the narrative. Super dope ish!

This weekend was full of surprises, knowledge and EXCEPTIONAL BAWSENESS! There were so many moments that could not be captured in one blog post. You MUST add this experience to your 2017 and beyond list of BAWSE ASS things to do! You are missing out on one of the most mind blowing and inspirational events of the year.


Thank you Koereyelle for being a leader of women’s empowerment and for this amazing experience for women from all over the world to enjoy, engage, and connect. Special shout out to the #dreamteam, for making it all come together so effortlessly! Special thank you to our lovely vendors who came to sell amazing products and services for our guests to enjoy.



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Forever changed,

Antres Finnie – @therobotrebel

Creator of www.therobotrebel.com & Official Blogger for WERK PRAY SLAY Weekend.