WERK 101, tour ends in Atlanta, with Glam Night Out! [Koereyelle’s final stop for her WERK 101 book] honoring the Fearless Female Entrepreneurs, Chef Ahki, Tahira Wright and Maja Sly with the WERKing Women of the Year award. The event was held at the world renowned Marriott Marquis in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Inside the amazing Penthouse suite, guests were greeted with style and opulence. From massages to champagne to sushi, guests floated around the room like QUEENS, taking the thrown. The room was full of engaged in conversations of glamour, bossing up, and what it takes to be the best version of you.

I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing the above honorees and here are a few exclusive offerings: When asked what would you say to a woman who is pursuing entrepreneurship, Maja Sly, Owner of Petty Hair and WETV television Personality (to name a few), “Fearless women make it happen even with a lack of resources and GO FOR IT every single day. Remember to always dream bigger and take it to the next level. If you can make $1 you can make $1,000,000.” Now those few words alone should make you go to WERK!

Celebrity Chef , Food Activist, and Nutritional Coach (to name a few) Chef Ahki, knows health goes hand in hand with whatever dreams you pursue. She expressed that it takes a healthy mind, body, and spirit to really give your dreams all you’ve got, and that your “health must be the top priority.” Just taking in the light that beams off of this woman was magical enough, but to drop major knowledge on changing your health patterns was game changing! As I made my way through every square inch of the beautiful penthouse, one thing that really stood out was all the beautiful melanin that was poppin! It was incredible to witness just how invested in themselves and invested in each other each guest was.

Whether you knew them or not, whether your were a native New Yorker or ATLien, there was a connection of engaged, positive, and fearless women all around! Now when it comes to style and being on the cutting edge of cut hair, Co-Founder of @TheCutLife (amongst other amazing things) Tahira Joy, also left a few gems of wisdom and transparency. She shared that her father inspired her to take on entrepreneurship and that she loves what she does hands down! She shared with me although #thecutlife has brand ambassadors all over the country, from Chicago, to LA to NY, Atlanta hands down was one of the best cities to SLAY hair… [from a proud ATLien, Thanks Tahira, gurl].

The number one takeaway from this event, is that one of your main responsibilities as a WERKING woman, is when you learn more you earn more and that you must bring other women with you to level up our community as well. Koereyelle also shared two exclusive major keys with the announcement of her second book “Confessions of a WERKaholic -Success Secrets for Fearless Female Entrepreneurs” and drum roll please… the 2017 #BusyAtTheBeach will be in Los Cabos, Mexico! [Get details here!]

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Another magical moment complete… CHECK!


Antres Finnie – @therobotrebel

Creator of www.therobotrebel.com