To be able to travel the world

To get paid for doing something I love

To love and be loved by the same man, my husband, over and over

To be a full time entrepreneur and no longer have to work a 9-5pm (no offense to those who do)

To meet my children

To be debt free (students loans are like a noose)

These are just SOME of the things I have been waiting for

Lately, however, every time I begin to think about the future

Or wonder why certain things haven’t happened yet

Or why I am still waiting


Haven’t I been good enough?
Haven’t I been obedient?
Haven’t I sacrificed enough already?
Haven’t I held out enough?

I hear a small still voice saying,

“Stay in the present. Be here now. With Me.”

It’s a gentle whisper

Yet it jolts me like an electric shock right back in to the present
The gift of today

The gift of this moment

Right here

Right now

A gift that really hasn’t been given to everyone

Like the woman who got the call that her mother passed away in her sleep last night

Or the father who stands at the hospital bedside of his baby boy taking his last breath on this side of earth

Perhaps the young new wife and mother who had a head on collision while trying to get her oldest child to school in a timely manner

I realize that sometimes looking too much into the future

Dwelling on things we don’t yet have

Frustrating ourselves with the things that we are still waiting to receive

We rob ourselves of this present moment

Of today

Of right now

To watch the sunset kissing the earth before us as we are driving home

In a perfect mix of different shades of purples, blues, reds and oranges

To observe the clouds that somehow form various shapes

Or play peekaboo with the sun

The beauty of rainbows

The different colors of the ocean

Against a backdrop of mountains and hills

We miss the beauty of today

Of spending precious moments with your nephews

Teaching them how to float on their backs

Of finally having the privilege to pray over and with the woman who has been covering you in prayer for over 34 years

The truth is

Those things I mentioned above in the beginning may never happen

I have the faith to believe that it will

Yet I have to trust that God’s plan is bigger


And more awesome than I could ever think or imagine

Something I definitely could never have come up with on my own

I think about the things that I should be looking forward to

As He periodically reminds me through visions I see while in worship

Praying in the shower

Or lying in bed at night before falling asleep

I rejoice in the fact that I am traveling home one day

To my real home


I look forward to the day that I meet Jesus face to face

I am thankful for the fact that I have been getting paid to do MANY things I love every day for many years

Just not always with money

I was, am and will ALWAYS be loved by the same MAN over and over, my First Husband

I can rejoice that I have a job where I can make an impact every day while working towards becoming an entrepreneur full time

I am grateful to have met children throughout my years in nursing, working in the hospital, volunteering and being a mentor, who have felt like my own and I have mothered

I do not have credit card debt. (insert praise dance here!)

Instead I choose to dwell on these truths

These gifts

These moments

And take comfort in knowing that everything I have been waiting for

Whether I receive it or not

One thing is true

Eyes have not seen.
Ears have not heard

Neither has it entered into your heart

What God has in store for me AND you!

And you my sister

You can take that to the bank!

What moments and gifts are you choosing to focus on while you wait?
Make a list of things that you are waiting for and then beside that list add some truths about what you can be grateful for today.

Feel free to share in the comments!

Written By: Coach Charlene

Scripture reference: 1 Corinthians 2:9