During working hours I usually have a million things on my “when I get home to do list.” Then I pick up my daughter from daycare, fix dinner, do a little cleaning, to find myself down right tired. The last thing on my mind is productivity. All I want to do is let my hair down, take off my bra, and watch Netflix. Chilling after work is all good, but not for someone like myself who wants more out life beyond corporate America. It’s time to learn how you can continue being productive after a long work day.


Here’s what I do after a long grueling day at the office to relieve the after work slug and to become more productive.

1. Go to a designated work space

Some people may be able to get away with working in front of the TV or other distractions, but I cannot. Sitting in front of the TV and watching Housewives is a total distraction and I would never get any work done. I need a location that allows me to mentally shift into productive mode. Usually it is quite, free of cell phones, and lit with a scented candle. See blog post on, “How to find space for more creativity.”

2. Listen to Beyoncé

After a long tiring day of work there’s nothing like blasting some Beyoncé to get your vibes going. Bey has a way of making us feel like we can take over the world. Turn on some Flawless, and I guarantee you will be inspired to start your task by the end of the song!

3. Get a good night of sleep

 Sleep is so underrated in America. Many people think that the less sleep you get the more productive you will become. This is way of thinking is false! Arianna Huffington explains the relationship between sleep and productivity in this TED talk on, “How to succeed? Get more sleep.”

4. Have green juice or a smoothie

I love coffee, but I’ve had to cut back on my intake because of its effects on my sleep. Recently I’ve turned to green juice for an energy boost. You don’t realize how undernourished you are until you add a glass of green juice to your diet. After juicing for only a few days, I notice a significant increase in energy. Don’t miss out on all the benefits juicing has to offer.  Simple Green Smoothies, offer amazing free recipes and juicing challenges on their website.

5. Stop making excuses

Are you making excuses for not doing hard tasks? More often than none, tasks don’t get completed because we use excuses as barriers to getting things done. Being more self-aware of the stories we are telling ourselves will help eliminate cop-outs and help get more work done.

6. Have a quick workout

Get up and moving, it will increase your blood flow, which will help you beat the after work slug. I love Fitness Blender’s 15 minute high intensity training workouts. Why not tone up your butt and shake off the sleepiness at the same time. 

Being productive after work isn’t as easy as it sounds. Here’s some tough love, if all else fails, learn to motivate yourself. No one will be as passionate about your dreams or aspirations as you. If you want to accomplish your goals, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

Written by: Johnnita Bros

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