We’ve all been there before and you might be there like me right now. You finally get great news of a blessing you’ve been waiting to receive like a new job or new car. Maybe you’ve finally met a great person who accepts you for who you are and you’ve put a title on it. You’re so happy you could climb to the top of a mountain and shout it to the world! So you tell your friends and family, go to social media make a major announcement and post pictures. Then a few weeks or months later things go sour. You get laid off or the person you were in a relationship changes their mind and retracts the whole conversation of asking to be with you. Now you’re stuck with all your feeling of being on that emotional high and faced with the “now what!”


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When I was faced with this recently I remember initially thinking how could this happen. I took all the precautionary steps and I’m a semi-private person (I mean I don’t put my entire life on social media, but I see nothing wrong with talking about your relationship or what you’re doing in your personal life every once in awhile or posting a picture every now and then). However, at that point nothing could still save me the embarrassment or hurt. Now I didn’t go straight to social media and retract all my proclamations or delete all my photos, yet I did learn a thing or two!

1. It’s okay to be embarrassed. You are only human so it’s okay to feel something and be emotional. Especially if the other person was going along with it the whole time. With life comes ups and downs.

2. You learned something. I can’t even say there’s a perfect time to make announcements or you should wait a specific time period before telling others. Look at Keshia Knight Pulliam, she had just announced her pregnancy (not like she could really hide it at this point) amongst all her happiness and joy within a week later her husband filed for divorce without her even having a clue. I think the one thing that I took away from her Entertainment Tonight interview that stuck with me is when she said “I love who he pretended to be”. You can only deal with people and organizations from what they show you, so occasionally you get blindsided. You can’t let fear of being let down stop you from doing whatever you’re trying to accomplish. Life is about a lot of learning experiences and how you move through them. So whether you’ve learned to save for a rainy day, look deeper into people’s motives, or plan for unforeseen events, there is a huge likelihood you will learn something.

3. Life goes on. Just because the plan didn’t go as you wrote it doesn’t mean your book is closed. Sometimes certain doors close in order for new and better ones to open. So don’t see your lay off, repossession, failed relationship or whatever hardship you’re facing right now as the end. It might just be the push you need to become the person you were meant to be!

Alex E.



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