As a former foolish wife, it took me some great time (and still taking) to master the below listed Commandments of a God-Fearing Wife. Impossible? No. Doable? Yessssssss! ALL things are possible with God, prayer, and daily action! I am by no means the “bible” of how to have a successful marriage, but I have bumped my head enough and these commandments that I have developed are helping me be a God-fearing wife.

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10 Commandments of a God-Fearing Wife

  1. Thou shall RESPECT your own husband! (Enough said!)
  2. Thou shall HONOR your own husband! (Enough said!)
  3. Thou shall RESPECT and CHERISH your own husband! (Never compare your husband up against another man’s doing! The most powerful thing that you can do is BUILD THAT MAN!)
  4. Thou shall love unconditionally your own husband! (Your husband is human. He WILL make mistakes!)
  5. Thou shall keep all the dealings of your own bedroom to thine own self! (Don’t ever share what you and your husband do and don’t do to each other with another woman!! Foolish, asking/inviting trouble into her home women do that!! Don’t be afraid to Ride that horse in the saddle J )
  6. Thou shall not be trifa-ling!! You will keep a clean home! (Please keep a clean home! One thing my Grandma always said was, A real man don’t want no trifli’ azz-woman!!)
  7. Thou shall not be a burden to your husband financially! ( Don’t be over-spending trying to keep up with these TV personality women! Don’t neglect paying the light bill trying to be a DIVA!!)
  8. Thou shall not be a NAGGING wife! (Every-single-time your husband mess up, DON’T be on his back about it! Give him grace to grow!)
  9. Thou shall possess and exhibit the law of loving kindness to your own husband! (Be attentive to your husband. Treat him extra kind. Go out your way to please him. It’s nice to be nice.)
  10. Thou shall cover DAILY your husband with prayer! (Did you know that it is power in prayer? And there definitely power in a PRAYING wife! Prayer does not change some things; it changes EVERYTHING!

Try these simple but profound things and WATCH God move in your life, your husbands’ life, and in your marriage!

With Love,

A Former Foolish Wife

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