You know that friend who always comes over and heads straight to the kitchen? If you can’t think of the name of a friend who does that, then most likely, you are that friend. But imagine if you could actually get paid for feeding friendly faces that come into your kitchen. Social belly is the latest app in London that may soon make it’s way across the pond and into kitchens in the US. With the increasing number of social apps that encourage friendships and making new connections such as Bumble, Social Belly is just one evolutionary step onto the next rung of the social media ladder that encourages meeting new people while sharing a meal.  Instead of bringing people together who may be searching for love, why not make an app that can connect foodies based on their love of good food? What encourages friendship more than saying to a stranger “want to come over and have something to eat?”


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Social belly allows foodies to host and attend dinner parties in London. This is also a chance for the host to earn money for each event by charging fees for attendees. The fees to attend a supper average between $10-$25 dollars which is a pretty good deal when you consider you are paying for not just a meal, but also making new friends (aww.)

With ideas like AirBNB and Uber, I suppose it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to invite people into your home to enjoy a nice dinner. If you are just dying to be a hostess you can give it a try.

Menus vary with offerings such as 4 course spreads, themed meals, classics like “macaroni night”, vegan options, the female entrepreneurs supper club in which women that own or are looking to own businesses can join and meet other like-minded women.


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Social media and apps in the last few years seem to be striving to actually put more “socializing” into the lives of users veering away from the anonymous ranks of fake identifies and sometimes creepy vibe of a detached voice on a screen. There will always be those that do not trust the idea of strangers in their personal space, just as there are those that do not trust using an app to ride in a stranger’s car to the airport. For the more open-minded foodies that love cooking a great meal and entertaining, Social Belly might be right up your alley.

Written By: Eri Taylor Washington