This year was the second annual RISE Women’s Empowerment Conference and sis, what a conference it was! Co-­founders Rochelle Graham + Angela Walker really outdid themselves with this jam­packed weekend. Friday kicked things off with free cocktails and networking, plus an awesome panel to end the night. Then things got even better Saturday with five UH-­may-­zing speakers! They say sharing is caring, and because I care so much about you I’m sharing five things I learned over this #BossGirlMagic weekend.

1. N Natural Hair Studio salon owner, Angela Walker, taught us how to have C.R.A.Z.Y leadership by (c)aring about who I’m leading and have authority over, (r)especting them + earning theirs, holding myself (a)ccountable, being a little (z)ainy and keeping a (y)oung mindset.

2. Rochelle Graham, owner of Alikay Naturals, emphasized legally protecting your ideas + products before a launch or even speaking of it. The “big dogs” are watching, whether you think so or not and there is always competition waiting for the next big thing. Keep your work yours by investing in trademarking, copyright, etc.

3. My mentor­in­my­head, Myleik Teele taught us that busy work doesn’t always equate to value. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re hustling. She equates a hustler being someone who does something no one else can do, quite like them.

4. Owner of Creatively Flawless, Meagan Ward showed us the importance of branding and a great social media presence. My biggest take away is creating a mood board for your brand, knowing your color codes and above all else, making sure you are telling a story with your social media.

5. Debra Oh, Senior Editor of the Shaderoom, shared her awesome story of pursuing her dreams after her father and sister died just six months apart. It really moved me and reminded me that life is too short to be anything less than great and to do what I was created to do! It was such an awesome opportunity to be able to sit and listen to these lovely ladies sprinkle all of their #BossGirlMagic on us and share their stories and knowledge with us. I am already anticipating next year’s lineup!

Written By ­ Aniyah Helen Author + Lifestyle Blogger


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