The scene… Summer cuties adorned in their MOB Wives (Men Over Boys) tees, Queen tees, and let’s not forget Single Wife tees. From Double Dutch to TURN UP Taboo (The Single Wives Edition), oh and of course the always HOT ATL SCENE. The Single Wives Club knows how to show up and show out!  It was so amazing to see a powerful  business celebrate four years in the game and come to life with beautiful queens sharing their stories of how they first became a member, how long they have been rocking with The Single Wives Club and how it has changed their lives. I met up with Ta’sha, Single Wives Club member for over a year and began to pick her brain. I asked, “What inspired you to join?” She responded, “I was looking to be inspired.” Ta’Sha is a native of New Jersey and wanted to settle into the Atlanta scene with her fiancée. She stated, “I had done my research prior to my move and felt The Single Wives Club was a good fit and great starting point to meet like-minded people.”  I then asked her, “So what are two things have you learned since becoming a member?” Ta’sha replied “To always do a Selfie Check, and it’s ok to say NO!” By the way, for those who don’t know what a “Selfie Check” is, in the world of Single Wives, it means to check yo’ self and to be sure you look out for you first! BOOM.

As the DJ played  all the current “Aaayyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee” tunes, I had the chance to catch up with Wife Coach  LB. For those of you who don’t know LB  is an AWESOME boss who hails from “Murrland” (aka Maryland) and the best Taboo Partner EVER! She collaborates with The Single Wives Club and contributes her expertise and passion for empowering women. As a Wife Coach, LB comes from a place of encouraging women on their journeys to becoming healthy and whole women pre and post wife. When asked what inspired her to create Wifestyle Coaching and link up with such an amazing organization such as The Single Wives Club, she stated “From realizing there was a difference between being married and being a wife. One has power and the other doesn’t.”  She stated, “It’s important for women to do their homework first, before aspiring to becoming a wife. I realized that there were not many positive or healthy examples of what being a wife was.”  BOOM…and just like that LB followed her heart and decided to share her own experiences to help women. If you don’t know already, The Single Wives Club exercises many collaborations and this one is POWER PACKED! Be sure to catch #Lunchattheloft Thursdays on Periscope! GET INTO IT… You don’t want to miss it!


Drum roll please [slaps hands on thighs], IT’S  GUCCI! Cue, glitter, Yonce’ blowing fans and, sheer SWAG! The Empowerment Powerhouse herself, Koereyelle Founder and Visionary of The Single Wives Club, enters the park with her full on signature swoop bang, rocking her infamous QUEEN Tank! You got to love her. Her energy is cool, chic and, just a down to earth grade A HUSTLER! Insert interview… Me: “So Koereyelle, how did The Single Wives Club get its start?” “Literally from my living room. Me and a couple of girlfriends discussed dating, being single and, conversed about one day not just becoming a wife but a better woman. We shared stories, threw cooking parties and defined what it would take to be a better woman and to be a great wife.”  [Shouting] WON’T HE DO IT! Just like that folks… what was an idea and meet up amongst friends turned into this unstoppable, educational, and empowering full blown movement!  I then asked, “If The Single Wives Club was still what she envisioned, four years later?” Koereyelle shared, “Yes and more!” She stated, “Initially The Single Wives Club was supposed to be a Wives Training or kind of a Boot camp concept.” However, she realized along with education being needed, the empowerment piece was also missing from our society. Koereyelle, felt as if there were not enough positive messages about being a wife or having the opportunity to become one was becoming extinct. So she saw an opportunity and used her voice from her personal triumphs as well as God’s plan to share her light and insight with the world. I asked her, “What inspired her to create other businesses such as WERK 101, Werk Pray Slay, Things For Queens, etc.?” and she stated, “I wanted to be sure to include EVERY WOMAN. I didn’t want to just have a place for aspiring singles who wanted to be wives, but also influence women through entrepreneurship and being the total package.” When asked what the next eight years looked like for The Single Wives Club, Koereyelle responded, “NO COMMENT.” When asked why, she purely stated;


“I don’t want to put GOD in a box, because whatever he has for me is SO BIG I can’t put it into words.” Now if you don’t know Koereyelle, NOW YA KNOW! This fearless woman knows who’s in control, has the guts to go for it and, is empowering women from all over the world to BOSS UP! Today I had the opportunity to meet so many beautiful women, whether a member, supporter, or apart of behind the scenes dream team… one thing is for certain, to miss out on the WERK PRAY SLAY October event would be cray, cray! Get ya tickets starting July 8th. For details and updates follow @werkprayslay. Four years later.. and The Single Wives Club is here and getting STRONGER THAN EVER!



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