5 Ways To Revive A Dying Relationship

Decide: Is It Worth It

When a relationship has gone sour one of the first things you can do to give yourselves a fresh start is to make a quality decision as to whether or not your going to stay by both parties agreeing that the relationship is worth retaining. If you don’t value each other then you will give in to the pressure to quit and let go of the relationship. This will help you weather the storm when the tough times come up and all you want to do is throw in the towel without standing and fighting against whatever is creating a wedge between the two of you.

Communication: Heart to Heart

One of the worst things you can do in a relationship that has lost its fire is to assume that the other party knows what you think and understands how you feel. You must be able to create an atmosphere where you both are able to be open and vulnerable without feeling like your not going to be heard or understood. Knowing that at anytime you can come and share how and what you are feeling without being judged and attacked will create a safe place to unload and actually deal with the issues at hand as they come,  rather then just sweep things under the rug.

Spending Time: Sharing Together

Now that you know that the relationship is worth it and you have resolved some issues it is now safe to say that you will start experiencing more pleasurable moments together. Making time for one another getting to know one another and becoming friends again will change the way see each other. When you can see inside of their heart you will learn to love them all over again. Spending time together exchanging desires and preferring one another will create new opportunities to grow and develop a strong base to move forward in your relationship.

Intimacy: Hand and Hand

This is where things start heating up and now the relationship is thriving and its like it was when you first meet. Now all of a sudden all you want to do is please your partner. It’s like your saying yes to whatever they want to do again. For example ” baby you wanna rub my back” and you say “yes” where when it was dying you didn’t hesitate to say “no” but now because your open up to whatever either of your needs and your opt to please because your in a good space now. So holding hands and cuddling becomes easier to do knowing that they would the same for you too.

Rituals: Spirituality

Creating things that keep you bonded like your spirituality will prevent disrupting the peace that you now have in place for a clean slate. Sharing and caring for something that you can do together all the time no matter what’s going on around you will ensure and develop accountability for restoring and maintaining a higher responsibility to be and stay committed to your values and core principles that matter to you. Knowing that you share the same values and regimen will keep you focused on walking in the same direction.

Life Is All About Relationships

By: Ajeania Green