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For Koereyelle DuBose, education has always been a pillar for success in any endeavor. Holding a bachelor of education degree from Tennessee State University and a master of education degree from Central Michigan University, DuBose began her career in a traditional classroom setting as an educator.

She has since transitioned from a traditional classroom to building a physical and virtual platform through ‘The Single Wives Club’ and ‘Ready To Werk’ organizations, which focus on empowering women worldwide to sharpen their skills in areas such as health, beauty, entrepreneurship, finance, and spirituality.

In addition to coaching, and facilitating workshops, DuBose recently published her first book entitledWerk101, and is currently touring the country on the Werk101 Tour.

As the tour makes stops in major cities across the country, DuBose is honoring Werking Women of the Year, in each city, who embody today’s modern working woman.

BlackEnterprise.com had the chance to catch up with Koereyelle between tour stops to talk Werk101, The Single Wives Club, and advice for today’s working woman.

Who is the Werk101 Woman?

DuBose: She is every woman. My goal in writing this book was to be a handbook for all women regardless of your age, your specific goal, or current stage in reaching your goal. Topics range from health and wellness, to entrepreneurship, to time management, so no matter what your goals are you will find something of value specific to your journey. There is no cookie cutter approach to success, and every woman will have a different experience along their way, so this book is very much about empowerment.

Tell us a little bit about the Single Wives Club, and Ready to Werk organizations.

Single Wives Club is an education and empowerment organization for single ladies who are preparing to become wives. We are a support group for single women whose chief aim is to create well-rounded women through resources which include spiritual, financial, home economics, and relationship readiness. We host physical classes, live virtual events, and a merchandise collection that is full of empowerment pieces for women.

Ready to work is all about empowerment for female entrepreneurs, and inspiring entrepreneurs. We provide classes, coaching, and consulting on topics ranging from how to create a website, and email marketing to building your brand online and offline.

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