By now, I know that you’ve seen the amazing visual album, Lemonade, by Beyonce which was released in late April. Beside being impressed by her music and evolution as an artist, I was deeply inspired by her unapologetic acknowledgement of her flaws. As young girls we watch the women in our families suffer silently and subconsciously; we absorb their pain and repeat the same mistakes in our lives and with our children.


It reminded me that it is ok to be vulnerable and to get out of the habit of choosing what feels good vs what’s good for you. I think it is so important to acknowledge generational curses.

Lemonade is full of powerful messages that will inspire and motivate women and moms all over the world to break generational curses of abuse, poverty, anxiety, mediocrity, and addiction.


Here are the top 3 lessons I learned from Beyonce’s Lemonade about motherhood.

  1. The Gift of Imperfections: You and your children are imperfect, and that’s ok. Teach your children to embrace their flaws not hide from them.
  2. Share Your Stories: When appropriate talk openly with your children about things they see in the media or in your lives. This will encourage self expression and increase self-esteem.
  3. Support Other Moms: Let’s face it, nobody understands the struggles of motherhood, like other mothers. Don’t be afraid to support and encourage each other. We are all in this together.

How have you been inspired by Lemonade?


Ms. Free

The Fearless Coach | Mommy Mogul | Author