Giving birth is one of the most incredible experiences a woman could ever endure. Now that you’ve survived 9 months of pregnancy, the real fun begins. And taking care of your bundle of joy is a complicated journey that doesn’t come with a handbook.


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By now you probably know the basics of changing diapers, bathing, and caring for the umbilical cord, but there are 3 things that every mom should avoid that are rarely talked about.

This list will help you understand these hazards and how to keep your baby safe.


Baby Powder: Back in the days parents were notorious for using baby powder to keep their baby’s bottoms safe from diaper rash and reduce heat rash under the neck during hot summer months.

However, research shows that baby powder is hazardous to your baby’s health. It contains high amounts of talc that can compromise the lungs causing respiratory infections, asthma, and even death, in some cases.


Socks: What mom doesn’t want to keep her baby’s cute little tootsies warm, right? Well, be sure to check your infant’s socks first for loose strings and threads.


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There have been several reports of children being brought to the hospital by moms stating that they’ve done all they can, but their little one won’t stop crying. Upon examination, it was revealed that loose threads inside the sock had wrapped around the baby’s toe, cutting off circulation.


Honey: For centuries, people have been using honey or liquid gold as a natural remedy to cure sore throats and common colds. Honey is also known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that aids in the healing of wounds.

Despite its great healing power, honey is extremely dangerous for children under the age of 3. Honey contains bacterial spore that when ingested releases a deadly toxin in the body causing death and other health concerns. Reports also suggest that parents refrain from giving children foods that contain honey, including the famous kid snack Graham Crackers.


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