If you missed the #MenOverBoys Teleconference, you truly missed a treat! Enitan shares so many priceless gems that women really need to hear! Find out the top 5 things I learned here.

I truly believe we owe it to ourselves to find out what it takes to live the life we want to live. So, if a happy healthy marriage is on your vision board, you have to start finding out what it’s going to take to make it happen.

If you think you’re just going to make a wish and Mr. Right comes knocking, you are sadly mistaken and I hate to burst your bubble. 

But, the GREAT news is: it’s never too late to start taking action and your love story can start at ANY TIME. 

The sooner you get ready, the sooner you’ll receive all that you’ve been wishing and hoping and begging and pleading for!

The one thing I really want to tell you after last night’s conversation is YOU are the deciding factor in this thing. Your actions, intentions and the standards you set either set you up for success… or failure.

The choice is yours. 

We also have to get out of the mindset of trying to do what we think men want us to do…Enitan made it very clear last night that being you is the dopest thing you can do. Marriage-minded men choose to love women who love themselves enough to set standards.

If you missed the call, find out how you can access the replay here.

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